For The Readers…

The Free First Test is a project born out of a charitable impulse. People deserve access to methods to sort out complex ideas to see which are irrelevant and which might be useful.

But in the holistic world, they don’t have it.

One way to look at the Free First Test would be to compare it to initial assessments at a hospital. Upon entering an ER, assessments are done, and then you are sent to the right form of care to meet your needs. There is no such thing as aggressive marketing done by neurosurgeons to try to get people in the door to expensive surgeries. They also won’t be sent to a neurosurgeon on the advice of a friend, or someone who benefited from surgery. Instead, it is the initial assessments that guide the way, so we can find the right path for us.

How much more is this needed in the holistic landscape of ideas, where relevant ideas are difficult to distinguish from irrelevant ones. We might be told to become vegan, or to become carnivore, or to start a supplement regimen, or to start qi gong–all for the same issue!

With an introductory assessment to map out which ideas test as relevant, it becomes easier to make an informed decision as to what is right for us.

A second way to look at the Free First Test would be like an infinite social mixer to transcend our personal biases. I know it sounds like a lot, but we often find joy when we learn that even ideas we disagree with have contextual merit, or ideas we do like aren’t what we should centrally focus on at this time. Holistic camps are so belief based rather than science based that rarely do we get a chance to hang out with different communities in the holistic health landscape. If one is interested in exercise, they might never get to learn of the work of Julia Ross, or Nancy Simontacchi. The work of Dr. Fung might be perfect for someone, who would never hear of it because they were really invested in another topic. Paul Saladino might show up in someone’s social media feed, and they never read a Russell Blaylock or Udo Erasmus book, or a John Lee one.

Of course, if we become overinvested in any one approach (say, Paul Pitchford’s work, which was undeniably world changing), we get personally involved with it to an extent where it corrupts our identity, to where we think that that idea might be great for everyone. We might start reading social media posts pertaining to intermittent fasting, and come across talking points we later share with others, thinking that if it helped us, it must be good for them. We become like sardines, or anchovies, or herrings: we travel as if a school.

But this is not a wise way to approach nutrition, or lifestyle advice. Firstly, we can think of model-breaking factors like cost, or convenience, or mental health, or access. One might be poor, living in a rural area away from high level grocery stores, unable to stick with routines, and without a car. Starting a juice fast, or suggesting firm requirements that they eat a more expensive ketogenic diet, might be off the table.

If we go really far with any one idea, we will almost necessarily create an inverse or opposite advisement for some people. If we tell someone to be extremely cautious about their diet, who we did not know had an eating disorder in the past, we might cause significant harm. That person might go on to be restrictive to the point to where it feels unsafe to eat (which will generally lead to binging and cheating), or they might roll their eyes and do the exact opposite of whatever was suggested.

There is a strong need for many ideas to exist, and for many points of access to them to be generated. But given that there is not a one sized fits all solution, and that people come from many different kinds of places, the Free First Test services to allow us to be as chameleons in regard to schools of fish. We can fit in with the pathways that work for us, without becoming as if cult members.

We can travel as if a fish who can fit in with any school.

If you are interested in the Free First Test, consider the following primary benefits:

  • It is free
  • You see what issues will be included in your profile before paying for testing
  • If you order testing, you get to choose what types of protocols will be included and their costs
  • It is easy to get modifications or an updated profile
  • It is easy to follow up and track results with quarterly testing

The Free First Test is a flow chart from where you are now to your optimized self.

We begin by looking for the basic problems–things that are easy to tackle, affordable to work on, and that yield significant results quickly. Maybe your first steps will be to exercise, or to work on incorporating people in your life, or working on your relationships. Maybe you need to work on lead, or mercury, or basic detox pathways, or a mold issue, or stretching or work with a practitioner over a structural issue. It is likely that there will be chronic infections, and it is likely that there will be nutrients you will benefit from having more of.

After we establish a baseline of positive growth, we optimize. We make things work better, seeing what is leading to insufficient progress, what needs tweaking, and what can be stopped. We are always after more growth, and we will focus on your areas of need.

Some people will do well with complex and difficult instructions. Some will want to keep it extremely simple. Based on where you are, your goals and priorities, your budget, your time, etc., we can offer interesting and creative steps as part of your protocol that fit you like a glove.

Because we want to have toolkits for every occasion.

Get your free test by filling out the intake below. That’s it. You will be asked to send email back with a photograph, used in testing (distance testing methods in the muscle testing and radionics fields is controversial! We use a laser enhanced version akin to Dr. Omura’s but with a lot of similitudes with Dr. Klinghardt’s methods. Our distance signaling has a milder impact than some other methods which present almost as if a distance healing session. Ours should not impact you that much).

resultant to the codification of as many ideas as possible. We have test slides for nearly every type of protocol you can think of, and the Free First Test is based on our responses to these test slides.

We want to see where your biggest blockage was, and then we wnat to see what problem is most related with this blockage. We find all of your top areas of imbalance, and then we see what types of problems are relevant to all of them.

Because we use this system of creative test slides, many types of issues can be tested for resonance with each issue, and your results will show the top issue we found in our testing.

If you could follow that, you’re a great Candidate for our work

Fill out the form, and respond to the email you receive with the photograph(s) as requested.