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Signing up for your free first test takes about five minutes. First fill out the intake, then reply to the intake email with a selfie. That’s it!

You’ll be muscle tested from afar using our distance testing strategy, and you’ll get results within 1-2 weeks.

Why wait? If you already have a protocol you’re thinking about, you can send it to us, and you’ll get results about how you will or are responding to it. If you have ideas you want to explore, you can mark your interests, and we will check those pathways. And if you’re not sure what you should be doing to improve your energetic wellness, we will give you a list of ideas to start.

You can start with free or paid testing (the free testing gives a map which ideas are coming up; the paid testing includes assessments of causes of imbalances, and solutions).

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LERA In Person

Sessions at our Boulder, Colorado office are $130 for the first visit. As with our distance work, we do not profit off of supplement and other recommendations, and instead will help you get items at wholesale cost. Sessions are normally once per 2-3 months, aside from adjunct work as needed.


LERA With A Photograph

For most people, this will be the preferred option. You can get a free test that lists your top issues by just sending in a photograph. You can then choose to order the tests you want, at your discretion, in a way that matches your needs, ideas, and budgets. You will get protocols results that match your selection parameters with paid testing, and you only pay once you’re confident you want results.


LERA Prices

Initial testing: $0

Results for top 1-2 issues: $30

Results for top 3-5 issues: $60

Results for top 10-12 issues (suggested): $150

Results for all major issues: $340

Protocol modifications: $30-80 (removes protocol ideas that won’t work for you and tests new options)

Phone call to review findings and protocol: $100 (E-mail support is free)

Custom herbs and homeopathics: $8/oz for tinctures and liquid homeopathics, $20 shipping and handling fee


Why you need this

Key Benefits

About The Free First Test Program

We offer a free initial test so you can see our work in action before making a commitment. We believe that information about the correct steps for our specific case should be free.

The Free First Test is:

  • An introductory exam that shows you which issues are showing up, so you can later have those tested
  • A gateway to the rest of our testing system, which gives assessments on what imbalances different issues cause, what specific variables show up in each panel, and suggestions for possible protocol options
  • Part of a research program. Each free test is used to accumulate data on which issues impact the greatest numbers of people, and which don’t.


How will I know results are correct?2024-02-05T01:11:50+00:00

We encourage all patients to reflect on key protocol items to see if they are resonant. There might be ten or fifteen protocol items, and you might be stubborn about following one, while extremely willing to follow another. Our encouragement is always to follow them in order, so it might take some steps internally to reflect on barriers and biases, to check in to see if exuberance for one style of protocol at the expense of another is resultant to limiting beliefs about what could work, and try to find the place in our soul where we, indeed, did want something to show up, even if it challenged us.

For example, our testing might show that minimizing screen time is one of your most important protocols. You might be a web designer, dependent on the screen time, and resistant to the idea. It might take some reflection to not be triggered to the protocol suggestion, especially if you are resistant to the possibility of its relevance.

Is intake complicated?2024-02-05T01:05:09+00:00

No. All aspects of our intake forms are optional.

The more data we get from you, the easier it is to refine our results. For example, it is common that we will find an issue that the client did not tell us about. For example, if we find a structural issue pertaining to the knee and you did not tell us that you had had a major injury there, it will lead to a bit of lost time and back and forth as we vet relevant protocols to solve the issue energetically.

Conversely, if intake forms feel overwhelming and you just don’t have time to do it, then it will be better to just do what you can and not worry about it. We can sort out the details later, and if we have any questions, we will reach out.

The most important part is that all of your protocols are specifically and accurately documented, so we can vet possible contraindications of protocol elements.

Is this medical?2024-02-05T00:58:19+00:00

All work is non-medical, and we do not diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe. Please see our disclaimer.

What are your prices?2024-02-05T01:05:20+00:00

Distance testing is free for an introductory wellness profile. Subsequent tests are $30 for a refresher IWP, $90 for a basic assessment, $160 for an advanced assessment, and $340 for a comprehensive assessment.

In person testing is $349 for your first two sessions, spaced 6 weeks apart.

What types of issues will show up in a protocol?2024-02-05T01:17:25+00:00

With lifestyle, lack of exercise is a key component for many. Lacking relationships, inappropriate social responses, lacking “places” where wellness is achieved, and lacking daily patterning (key: daily), are other common issues (not to say that they are universal, they just commonly come up). In nutrition, toxicological issues are by far the most relevant (other issues hardly need be discussed), but developing a sustained positive food protocol can involve a comprehensive array of steps where we look at what level of nutrients we are getting, whether there are foods we are strongly resistant too, whether there is an overall diet pattern that would be helpful to us, whether there are herbs or spices that would be helpful to us, etc. Here, we also look at infections, with many suffering endlessly due to lyme coinfections, parasites, mold exposures, and so on. Environmental issues, and spiritual health or mental patterning issues, present additional categories within which we will find issues. There are not many people, for example, who wouldn’t benefit from more time with God. The question is merely when that would show up in a protocol, and what specific steps would be useful. If the number one issue pertains to the way the mind works, it is almost guaranteed that the client is going to have an interesting profile, with long and difficult, yet extremely rewarding, paths ahead. These are just some examples; please look at our blog and library of test subjects for more information on specific issues that can come up in a test.

Where does the distance testing come from?2024-02-05T01:03:53+00:00

Yoshiaki Omura, Klinghardt, and others have employed a wide variety of distance testing methods. What is known here is that we can create quantum entanglement through a laser exposure mechanism that fundamentally amplifies signals between practitioner and patient, such that we can very easily see your biofield connecting into our office. Early experiments were with exposing variables to a patient’s saliva sample, and showing that the exposures would impact the patient, no matter how far away they are. But now, we have a more elegant methodology geared towards complex arrays of variables being stacked so synergistic problems can be assessed and solutions can be found. Whatever we test, we can show that it will impact you at a distance, and that we can measure that impact via a surrogate (as is done in Autonomic Response Testing according to Klinghardt for distance testing).

Where does this come from?2024-02-05T00:59:39+00:00

In person sessions utilize muscle testing based in Autonomic Response Testing. We add some novel incorporations pertaining to assessments that stratify different aspects of biophoton behavior patterning, amplifying, functionally, Klinghardt’s work in assessing biofield coherence, but in general, our testing consultations are the same as a typical Autonomic Response Testing session.

Who is in person testing for?2024-02-05T00:52:22+00:00

In person testing is longer, more exploratory, and more informational. Rather than giving you a single report where you can then go research all of the items discussed, we will be able to share information in real time. In a single 90 minute session, we will have crossed dozens of thresholds, and you will have seen the testing process in real time. If an issue shows up, you will have clarity why it showed up, and the process involved leading to it being a part of your protocol.

In summary, in person sessions are for those who enjoy a personalized touch, enjoy having things explained in person, and who don’t want to have to research a written protocol themselves. It is easier for those who like a helping hand, and more engaging for those who are on the edge about whether they feel they can commit to a protocol.

Who is this for?2024-02-04T00:57:52+00:00

Anyone who wants to learn more about their options.

We are not your doctor. We can’t diagnose or treat you. But we can vet thousands of holistic health pathways and show which ones resonate with you, and which protocols resonate with you, to inform your decisionmaking.

You can ask questions (should I eat this food or not, should I take this supplement or not, is this protocol a good one for me, what are some good protocols for this issue, what could be connected to me feeling this way, etc), and we can test out the possibilities.

Will distance sessions impact me?2024-02-05T01:17:43+00:00

Initial testing (IWP profiles & the free first test) are conducted with a minimal impact method of exposure. Unless you’re particularly intuitive, you will not notice us testing you.

Paid testing sessions involve a bit of a deeper exposure mechanism that you surely will feel. Results tend to be positive, though we are not trying to pray for you, replace any of your own inner work, evolve you, force a change on you, etc., so you won’t have the sense that anything was done to you. Most people notice sleeping better, and feeling more positive, after a session.


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