LERA Labs: A new form of distance and muscle testing based on the works of Drs. Klinghardt and Omura offering:

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  • A Map of your biofield
  • Distance testing format


We study the patterning of your biophoton streams. We see what stresses your field, and what support your fields.


Get Tested From Afar

We created an innovative model of distance testing to bring simplicity, practicality, and accessibility to holistic wellness approaches. 

Having unresolvable issues is trouble enough. But having to dig through endless mines of information to find out which pathways are right for us is far too traumatic.

LERA takes on a noble goal: an affordable test that selects which pathways test well for you. Need more exercise? Impacted by metals? What about Lyme? We rank all of your issues in order. And we don’t profit off of our findings.

Our testing slides categorize all available wellness protocols. They are unique and original, and are never used to get us profit (we have no affiliate links or ways to profit off of drop shipping). We instead use them to allow us to test new issues, and research new issues.

Our research takes on topical issues every week. Because we test in a distance form that is minimally invasive (it’s not like a distance healing session that will impact you from afar), we can easily test 100 people to see whether an issue comes up for them.

New idea for a supplement? New diet protocol? Idea on sleep regulation? Let’s see how many people are impacted by interior car chemicals significantly (probably not a top ten issue for many–right?), and let’s test the classroom environments of 50 elementary school teachers to see which environment students resonate with.

We make it interesting, we allow exploration, and we codify all of the possibilities.

So you can get free of the suffering that comes from having too many options, with no certainty as to which are the right ones. 

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Studying the BioField

Klinghardt’s assessments for biophoton coherence brought Fritz Albert Popp to tears of joy in the eighties, when Klinghardt showed off his simple method to challenge these photon streams to see whether they were emitted in coherent patterns. Popp was glad: someone had turned all of his research, contingent on the use of extremely expensive machines, into something practical.

As Klinghardt evolved his testing method, numerous key aspects were integrated. He found that, through muscle testing, we could assess the body to see if light was garbled or not. He challenged the body with interesting tests: does it stress you, if your own light is reflected back? Different energetic wellness challenges were used to find out different types of aspect.

This qualitative assessment aspect is what interests us here. Our goal was to take this direction and bring it from a dirt road to a highway. We offer ten layers of assessments that each assess different aspects of the biofield’s capacities.

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See Our Research

Four categories of research, each with numerous categories of test slides to allow practitioners to easily navigate a wide array of issues

  • Holistic nutrition concepts, attempting to research and apply the varying theories born in the last half century in the holistic wellness landscapes
  • The energetics of our environment, and aspects of our environment that can help make us well
  • Lifestyle patterning and lifestyle choice issues, from exercise to relationships to habits to addictions to time management, in terms of what improves our energetic wellness.
  • The spiritual and mental wellness landscape, and how the mind works, in an energetic wellness oriented model.

We study applications of systems of thought from these categories. We can take a variable on a spiritual practice (“loving the other as the self”) and see if a patient benefits from the application of it in their personal life (perhaps their field is disrupted by discord with a neighbor, and they need to improve their approach there). We can then compare the benefit of that with a nutritional practice (avoiding gluten, or addressing impacts of glyphosate exposure, resultant to consumption of a wheat product the patient was not optimized for). A panel might include both, as each might be extremely important to a specific individual.

The lateral-thinking-puzzle-esque nature of our testing sessions yields a list of steps relevant to you, out of all the variables from across all of the testing categories, within your selection parameters.