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Other muscle testing and biofeedback testing systems

Muscle testing

  • Systems below are not necessarily recommended! But they exist, so they’re here. Here’s our guide to muscle testing in 2024

Biofeedback and other testing technologies

Want to learn about keto, “high raw” vegan diets, spiritual fasting, and yoga? No, of course not. There are only so many “camps” one can tolerate. 

But we think that these are some of the geniuses out there in the holistic world, for those interested in following influencers and learning the miscellany of holistic perspectives. 

For the people that actually read the about section and faq–and are still here. 


Here, you will find “quick guides” with simplified structured protocols to take on major topics like EMF, lyme, mold, parasites, fatigue, and so on. 

Where applicable, this allows one to study options in a self driven way, while still in a reasonably safe and science driven container.