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Right from home, you can order a test that is completed within a week.

The free testing will show which issues are coming up for you, in order. The paid testing will explain what is going on with each issue, listing positive and negative pertinent variables, and giving you a protocol pathway that fits within your selection parameters.

At LERA, you get to make choices. How big of a profile do you want? How much do you want to spend on protocols? What kinds of protocols are you willing to do? You can even ask us to vet ideas we didn’t come up with to see if they match your needs (for example, “what about this diet or product line I have access to?”).

We want to help you, and to make things simple.


Key Benefits

All people deserve affordable access to assessments that can guide them down the right path. Holistic wellness shouldn’t be profit hungry; it should be selfless, and oriented towards the plight of the impoverished. LERA Distance Testing and the Free First Test give you a chance to get access to advanced pathway structures that otherwise might be unavailable; join us.

The initial distance test takes 5 minutes to sign up for and is absolutely free. After your free first test, you can then choose to order. But there is no obligation to do so.

We test a virtually infinite number of protocol pathways. We codify systems of thought on wellness into testable variables. Check out our systems library to preview the thousands of possibilities for issues that might come up. 

All steps are listed in order of importance. We will tell you what you should start with. Often, by doing less, but by focusing on the biggest things with the broadest impacts, we can do better than over-focusing on lots of the minor issues.

We help you make sense of potential issues. We give context to all of the ideas that might come up. Metals, Lyme, need for meditation or different mental stimuli, reduction in computer time–you name it. But with each problematic variable we locate, we don’t encourage you to freak out about it. Rather than encouraging worry, our panels invite you to reflect on how easily we arrange the things that will actually create improvement. If you don’t have a lot of success on your protocols, that’s probably not going to be your fault, but ours.

Doing what God wants. What other system uses an enlightenment forward language rather than a medical one? We want to support the reunification of man with his higher principle, wherein heaven and earth are unified. 


The Journeys That Led To LERA

Samuel Fritzsche had a vision he would be an energy science professor–whatever that means. Living in a faraday cage of an MCS safe tiny house build in the early 2010s, where he lived completely without power, he grew extremely sensitive to the world of the unknown. Like Greek cave philosophers who would–even then–find it advantageous to escape from the worldly surround, he began to sense something different.

He could feel people walk by him, and tell them whether their cell phone was apple or android, and whether its bluetooth or wifi was on or off. He began to sense what he would later come to experience as God.

After researching nutrition to get to the bottom of causes of modern conditions like type one diabetes and alzheimers, he had become flummoxed by the irrelevance of what he had learned. Most people thought of charity as something needed far off. But Sam saw the decline as something immediate, and close at hand.

On trips between 2013 and 2020, he interviewed perhaps thousands, brought people back to their families or in other ways helped them, and spend time witnessing the modern forms of decay we are seeing in America.

The depths of the dark nearby are closer to us than we realized; LERA, he hopes, will be a tool for us to see not that a flood of some type is coming, but that most of us are already under water.

LERA is a tool for studying modern decline, and for easily offering hope–without judgement, greed, adversarial one-upmanship, malevolence towards disagreeing parties, disintegration of kindness or hope, or cult persona worship.

It is truly about studying what will revive our energetic wellness scores, in a form all people can access.

Start With A Free Test?

The Free First Test

The FFT simply maps out your top areas of imbalance, in order, and shows what helps improves the scores the most. Perhaps your biggest imbalance pertains to metals, or lack of exercise, or infections.

You’ll get a simple guide that shows what steps might be relevant. You can (optionally) choose to order results with protocols after seeing which issues came up.

Skip To Paid Testing

Testing starts at $30. It includes protocols that match your selection parameters (you can set a budget, restrict different types of protocols, etc.) for each of the issues that came up in your profile. If metals came up, you will get information as to which metals, potentially why, what imbalances were caused, what issues might be related. You will then get suggestions with protocol steps that match your needs.

Prices & Other Information

  • Initial Energetics Profile: $0
  • Basic BioChart: $69.99
  • Advanced BioChart: $129.99
  • Comprehensive BioChart: $229.99
  • E-mail follow up included
  • Phone follow up: $60

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“Sounds good, but what?”

Learn about the root of LERA’s distance testing system

Yoshiaki Omura’s bi digital o-ring test (BDORT) is one of the early muscle testing systems to first go beyond the idea that muscle testing could be used to assess structural issues, and into the realm where using our bodies to test response to outside variables was possible.

Omura did interesting experiments. If you hold a slide of a cancer over the area in the body with that cancer, the body would respond to it.

The body would be subconsciously aware of variables placed in proximity to it. The body would also be subconsciously aware of variables placed in the hand of a practitioner 20 feet away. Omura would link his own field’s perceptions with the patient’s at first by carrying the information of the slide in his hand he wanted to test on the patient on a laser beam, and then just with his mind.

His most interesting seminars were on how he tested people at a distance. He once tested a series of celebrities during a seminar, linking with them apparently just by thinking about them, while looking at his photograph.

Muscle testing creates a lot of bias. It is easy to misdirect, and to get wrong results. It is easy to dupe someone into thinking they need to buy things, or get them to believe your sales pitch by inspiring fear in them.

But it’s also a fascinating world for scientific explanation.

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