LERA: A new muscle testing system focused on comparative analytics of previously untested variables, assessed in an enlightenment science oriented context

We have four categories of pathways, all of which are non-restrictive and not for profit (we don’t profit off of any recommendations). Some people need to go for a walk, or learn to love themselves more regardless of a physical challenge. Some people, in their soul, and heart of hearts, want to take on a holistic nutrition pathway, or a very basic one. Others would do well with pathways that have nothing to do with food.

LERA takes all of the pathways out there (which we codify into testable variables with our original testing slide creation method) and sees which ones test well for you. Our muscle testing and distance testing strategies all you to have a free and affordable pathway to get some assessments done in the holistic wellness space. But we don’t require you to throw lots of money at pathways you aren’t sure will be relevant, or you aren’t sure you can sustainably afford.

Welcome to LERA.

We study suffering

About our mission to test the modern person’s needs of the soul

The story of Samuel Fritzsche began with nearly a decade on the road studying suffering in America. Wanting to go to Africa and join forces with a holistic health charity, he was guided by God to witness the decline of Americans in real time instead.

Studying the evolution of modern chronic illnesses while getting his degrees (type 1 diabetes, autism, alzheimer’s, and so on) was jarring, and he was troubled by the lack of accessibility of holistic wellness concepts. People couldn’t afford functional lab tests, a perfectly pure diet, or professional brand supplements. They could barely afford a session, or tea.

But what he witnessed on the road was surprising. A shocking lack of agency was plain to witness. People not only didn’t know what to do to improve their circumstances; they didn’t know where to go to find out what to do.

LERA is a project focused on giving universal access to advanced energetic wellness analytics.

Order from home. The first one is free. Select what you want included or excluded. And we will create a protocol pathway for you that tests the best, given your options.

Wherever you start, LERA will help you find your higher path.