Testing FAQ

Can we see you in person?

Yes. Our in person clinic location is in Longmont, Colorado. Location is by appointment only; sessions are $200 for intro session and your first follow up. Not all clients accepted.

How much does this service cost?

LERA is free to start. It costs $30, $70, $150, or $339 for a profile (less with current promotions). Ordering products costs $35-65 for most orders depending on size and whether you are a subscriber (this is an ordering fee that covers our time to place the order), but you get products at wholesale prices (with exceptions). Phone calls cost $100 to do intake or review your report. There are no other services, and there are no upsells.

Who benefits?

Our primary focus is on people with chronic needs that have never been tested. If you never thought you needed a test, or never thought about many of the ideas on our blog, our testing is for you. Our secondary focus is on those with complex issues managing a confusing array of protocol ideas. We will help you sort through them to see what could work for you.

What areas of research do you focus on?

Systematizing all holistic ideas is our priority. In 2023, we will be releasing a complete guide to nutrition assessment in a holistic context reviewing many common ideas in a context where holistic diet basics can be assessed alongside the confusing array of new and modern holistic diet concepts. Aside from diet, we are doing several EMF studies, and getting ready to launch an initial set of twenty papers on viability of application of spiritual concepts to seat practical, common-sense life suggestions within testing sessions (i.e., a study on avoiding worry based on Matthew 6 where we will test who would benefit from the mindset behind such approaches the most, and why).

Is this for me?

There is no harm in running a test, and there is no barrier to entry. The most common response to a Free First Test Initial Energetics Profile is to observe that things were found that the client had not mentioned. They are generally surprising, confirming, interesting, and inspiring.

How is this non-medical?

That’s right, don’t see us for medical advice, nor expect our reports to be relevant when you go see your doctor. Our research is akin to a psychic reading rather than a medical lab test. Let us be not confused: the assessment of what improves your energetic wellness, for us, is more important than any medical assessment.

Is everything in my report going to be accurate?

No, simply speaking; there is no way to define “accuracy” in a way that fits all purposes here. If “Lyme” comes up, you might infer this means you have Lyme. But for our work, it would mean that your body does not respond well to being exposed to the energetics of Lyme. And, we will want to give a protocol that allows your field to adjust such that even if Lyme were to be present, your light would not be negatively impacted.

On the one hand, if we expose you to strontium, and there is a negative response, this might mean that at one point you were exposed to a toxic level of strontium. Your body, thus, would freak out upon seeing it again. But it could also mean that you had never been exposed, and you simply had a negative response.

Talk about lasers

One of the earliest demonstrations of this work involved shining laser beam (stream of photons) imbued with the energetics of mercury (photons can carry information) on a client’s saliva. The client, rooms over, responded as if the laser shone on them directly. And, this phenomenon takes place across vast distances, virtually without limit.

Yoshiaki Omura noted that if he places a cancer slide in his hand and shines a laser at a patient, the laser will (lasers carry information both ways) shine upon the patient the frequency of the laser, and shine back upon the practitioner the response of the patient. He began one of his courses (a small New York class, perhaps in 2017) with a demonstration where he tested Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un, and a series of celebrities (some alive, some dead) for cancers, infections, and other things, just by using a photograph. As an intro the course, he then asked the question (in a Socratic way), how do you think I can do this?

The answer to this is our work, and our message.

Why so affordable?

Samuel Fritzsche spent seven years studying poverty in America. In improving Klinghardt’s work, he could only see a need for enhancement in assessment metrics to better understand the biophysics of the body specifically, a need for help with those in poverty (many were those who balked when Sam shared protocol prices when working with standard BioPure product protocols from Klinghardt), and a need to see that chronic illness was taking root in those who would not predict they would be suffering without assessment. These three aims, combined with a goal of making testing materials themselves available and affordable, were the root of this project.

May all people have access to the best of holistic ideas, and may better practitioners than us carry the torch forward to completion through, aside from, and after our work.