System Portal: A research index of all of the subjects we have taken on

July 2022 Update:

The systems portal will offer a beautiful way to access the different teachings out there. You will see an indexed list of systems (of thought) we have taken on, and you will be able to click on each study and learn about it. You will see, for free, access to any free lectures from the Lecture Base that were given on topics, and a full write up describing the report and any central findings.

Thus, if a subject comes up in your profile that you are unfamiliar with, you can learn about it here.

Currently I am well on my way to having 500 introductory articles and test slide kits to be released this year. We’ll see when the pathway opens for that massive work to be finalized.

Samuel Fritzsche MS MA

Founder, GSR

There are currently 364 original test kits we have designed to research complicated subjects.
  • LERA 16 looks at berberine and other plant extracts to create a comprehensive list to test which ones help people the most
  • LERA 48 looks at principles for recovery from drug addiction to pharmaceuticals like oxycontin. This will create a library of testing variables for practitioners to use in assessing those damaged from different drugs such that they will be able to pinpoint and track specific damages and test between numerous options to make improvements.
  • DRP 7 looks at the healing benefit of spending time with others, asking the question: do you need others in your life more. This will research what sort of harm is incurred by those walking the lonesome road in life, and what sort of benefit is offered by spending time with others, such that practitioners will easily be able to sort out for whom this is an issue.
  • MLI 4 will assess the places of the mind that could be described as of the “higher mind,” contrasted with the parts influenced by the “animal soul” or “lesser mind,” to determine who needs to work on improving where they speak from–even within themselves (it, surely, is something we can all improve on–but creating research to see how important this issue is might be important for students of modern life).
  • OMESA 15 will look at the EMF of our local environment, specifically focusing on radio towers, radar, cell phone towers, and other sources of exposure that are not dependent on personal use and often cannot be changed.
  • OMESA 10 looks at a laser healing protocol meant to repattern mental states. It is an interesting protocol that works a bit like tapping, but offers something of a three day effect when applied correctly.
  • OMESA 4 is a laser homeopathy course, in a similar vein to Dr. Lee Cowden’s work–but it is meant to be used at home, allowing for economical use by a wider range of patients.
  • MLI 5 studies the cyclical nature of some problematic emotional cycles wherein one is doing fine, then something makes their mood go downhill, until they have a crash wherein they become a different person. Eventually they become fine again–at least, until the next crash. Here, we study taking control over such swings.
Systems are meant to be interesting.

They are composed of:

  • Books
  • Articles
  • Notes about research findings
  • Printable testing slides (free testing slides for practitioners familiar with our laser enhanced exposure technique taught in our free intro courses)
  • Learning exercises
  • Lectures (goes in publicly available Lecture Base)
  • Intro articles (which you will find in the Systems Map here).

Projected Release: 7/17