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Types Of Subscriptions

To gain access, you can sign up for one of three content tracks. Please choose the content track that is right for you.

Just The Books

Just The Books gives access to both books and general lectures. The general lectures, released Sundays, offer a general discussion of the theme in a wide-swathing overview. This is great to get acquainted to new points of information to which you are not familiar.

And then, you get the books.

Books at OMESA might tell the story of environmental harm relevant to a specific area. Books at Modern Light might look at scriptures relevant to a psychological theme.

These E-Books are easy to download, fun to read, and–with the right tool–can be listened to with an appropriate text to speech device. They review complicated details about issues at hand, but do not do so in a way that is overwhelming, complicated, or confusing. They are meant to “ease” the learner into the project.

For all access subscribers, the books function as an introduction to subsequent portions of the course. But, read alone, they allow a new learner to learn and apply new and interesting points of information in a powerful and relevant way.

Research Access

Research comes in three portions. In addition to books and general access lectures, you will have access to additional research notes (small depictions of research findings) and research journals which include the data of all of our findings and constructs for how we view them.

For someone who wants to know what percentage of people had a certain food sensitivity, which diets tested the best in a diet study, what variables helped the most with glyphosate, etc., but do not want access to courses to learn how to test these issues in an applied context, this is the subscription for you.

You can start with a general lectures from Lecture Base when you want to listen to an introduction about a subject that may be new. You can have books with general depictions about the subject, and share these with clients as issues come up. You have access to a research journal that thoughtfully reviews data and includes lots of findings. And, finally, you can review tidbits from our research in the Notes portion.

It’s a great toolkit for one who likes to review the constant stream of new ideas in the holistic world and their applications.

GSRA Student Subscription

All Access Subscriptions are for those who do muscle testing or want to learn how to do muscle testing. You will start with a free introductory muscle testing course that teaches you how to test issues on yourself.

Then, you can dive into any course and learn how to the material using that lens. If you take a course, like 0002, on food selections and diet, you will easily be able to test things like food sensitivities, response to toxins in food, and preferred dietary constructs. If you take a course like 0009, on psychological factors pertaining to overly material mindsets with the aim of examining “higher states” of consciousness analytically (based on Steiner’s worldview pertaining to Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces as they impact our thought).

To test and apply such subjects is up to you. If you are on a spiritual/psychological track, you will take courses that allow you to apply scripture and spiritual thought with questions like, “does one need prayer?” Or, “does one need to work on the way they are thinking about a problem?” Conversely, on an environmental track you will learn to answer questions like, “is the cell phone causing harm, and specifically how?” Or, “Can one’s environment be changed to provide a measurable result?”

The four programs involve energetic and environmental concerns (OMESA), nutritional and biological wellness concerns (LERA), lifestyle and life path issues (DRP), and spiritual and transpersonal items (MLI). You can take any of the courses you would like from any of the four programs.

Note: Starting in 2023, this All Access subscription will be divided into four components. This is an introductory price for 2022 alone.

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Here’s How To Start A Subscription

Access is granted through subscription using the button below. Once subscribed, you are responsible for payment, and you are responsible for cancelling your subscription at the time of your choice. There are no refunds for subscription fees or payment.

Book Access


Best for general learners who want to explore the interesting studies–and the E-Books about them.

  • Includes General Lectures
  • Includes All E-Books From All Programs
Research Access


Best for the research-minded, who want to read books about our studies–but also see our research publications

  • Includes General Lectures
  • Includes All E-Books From All Programs
  • Includes Research Notes
  • Includes Research Publications
GSRA Student (All Access)


The best way to become a muscle testing practitioner in the world. Unlimited access to past and present muscle testing and content courses.

  • Includes BEMT Courses
  • Includes content courses in four research tracks
  • Includes Research Publications, Books, Lectures, Learning Exercises, and More
  • Includes Testing Slides

Additional Information

On BEMT/GSRA Courses

BEMT Courses are included for All Access students; they are free.

This removes the financial constraint of waiting for the next weekend seminar (often involving travel and expenses) and allows one to work on skills in a natural way.

By having free access to the extremely important content of the BioEnergetic Muscle Testing courses, we ensure that certain keys in the learning process are not missed. Many of the content courses, in giving practice exercises for specific skills, will refer students to areas of the BEMT courses that they might need to brush up on.

It is both through the learning of technique and the application of technique that one can make progress. We don’t want to restrict you from either of those, nor do we want to have you forget something from a muscle testing course–but not have access to the portion you need help with.

There is a caveat: students will have to submit coursework (you can complete course exercises for a certain number of courses of your choosing) and video demonstrations of their technique. There will be a free for this review, but at present it is free. When you submit this coursework and show that you can successfully utilize techniques, you will be advanced to the next BEMT course. When you complete BEMT IV (at which point you will create a thesis-like project to do your own research on an issue of your choice), you are considered certified.

BEMT I teaches self muscle testing

BEMT II teaches muscle testing on clients

BEMT III teaches advanced analytics and working with clients at a distance

BEMT IV teaches research methods for testing issues on larger groups

All muscle testing courses are free. Mentorship after review of your work is available. E-mail support is not available; paid mentorship consultations where we review your work and your techniques are available–otherwise you will ask questions in an online forum where others will be able to benefit from answers to questions.

Testing Materials

Uniquely, testing materials are free.

That’s right: no more spending thousands of dollars on every single slide you want to have, or purchasing supplement after supplement to stock your office with testing vials–then repeating these expenses hopefully every year.

We use photographic testing slides with a laser enhanced exposure process allowing you to use two 5mw lasers to scan even a number of photographs at a time without signal enhancers or other tools.

Slides can be printed at home (a laser printer should not be used) on transparency sheets. These can be cut out and inserted into appropriate sleeves (learning how to do this is an important part of BEMT I).

All test kits are available, free of charge, with your courses. Do not share slides with non-students, and do not use slides for courses you have not taken or reviewed portions of. Those who share (steal) slides will be liable for the price of the master slides kit, currently valued at $1000. The use of our slides requires specific techniques; they cannot be used with signal enhancers, for instance, as would be done with ART for full quality exposure, and they cannot just be placed on the skin in an Omura like technique. They are meant to be used with our two laser exposure process. Therefore, only students of this technique will have access to slides.

Free Course Content

There is no free course content at this time, nor bypasses to this system. But, a scholarship system will be employed when prices are raised to the full and enduring price of $20 per month for each of the four programs with access to BEMT, and $69.99 per month for access to all four programs including BEMT.

Security And Disclaimer

Please see the disclaimer document included with your courses. It outlines the mechanisms of use, including that these can be utilized in a medical setting only by practitioners with a license and not for the purpose of diagnosis. In general, practitioners will use these slides in a non-medical setting to gain energetic and spiritual understandings about their clients biofield. They will not use this information to make medical diagnoses. This is a completely non-medical framework; all people can practice with it and be certified practitioners (in our system) regardless of medical license or standing–as long as they hold to the teachings in BEMT on how to use this information appropriately. Please consult state, local, and federal guidelines regarding any questions on this matter (additional information is provided in BEMT courses). Do not use this system to make medical assessments or diagnoses.

Additionally, sharing of course content is considered theft. Students must complete work to progress between BEMT courses. While we want to support students who are poor and cannot afford subscriptions, we do this by making our courses affordable. Theft of content is a major concern, as the employment of security measures above what we have implemented at present will make student life more of a pain in the ass than it needs to be. Please keep our content secure. Also note, those who complete all muscle testing programs and are certified will have a reduced rate to maintain subscription and so be able to access past and future BEMT and content courses.