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For The Dataphile Who Likes Discounts

Subscriptions are a great way to make your data work for you–so you’re not chasing your results.

When we work for our data, we have concerns about our report that don’t get resolved well. We have questions that we aren’t sure if they are going to get answers. We see problems, but then wonder if they were resolved after trying protocols.

When our data works for us, information appears readily. Results are tracked. We see where we are headed over time. Each test allows us to bring old and new questions and work on things anew. Each protocol is tested to see whether it is still working.

It might sound like an overly simple point, but starting a subscription is a great way to make sure you stay on plan by making use of your data and results. We don’t do one time snapshots of how you are; instead, we base results (after the first initial test) on trends and changes. We learn far more from the changes in variables than we do from static snapshots. You might have been tested on a really good day, or a really bad one. We might have missed things, or found more than we normally would (note, results do not change that much hour to hour; we have methods of looking for the major issues and looking past the minor ones we use in our testing). At your retest (with a subscription, you are signing up for regular testing and updates on your score), we will see what issues were there the previous time that went easily away, and which issues need to be dealt with more forcefully.

Details and benefits

  • Supplements can be ordered at actual cost (wholesale prices) plus a $30 ordering fee for orders under $500 and a $50 ordering fee for orders larger than $500.
  • Tests completed quarterly (after every 3 months of payment, so be sure to start a subscription after your first paid profile, or concurrently with your first paid profile)
  • You can choose whichever service you would like. Quarterly Basics will just cost $10 per month! You can cancel your subscription and start a new one at any point. We will refund you the adjustment amount within two weeks if you are downsizing, or you can send us an adjustment if you are upgrading but want to say on the same schedule.
  • We also have a research subscription that allows you to participate in ongoing research. Coming soon!
  • Before each round of testing, you simply need to send in an Update Intake to let us know where you’re at since the previous testing round.
  • You can cancel at any time. The subscription is managed through PayPal; you can cancel through PayPal or by using the information in the e-mail sent after you subscribed.
  • When you sign up, you should get an e-mail from us asking you to verify your subscription. If you don’t see it, check your spam folder.
Your first test will come 90 days after subscription. Start your subscription concurrently with your first test order, or after you receive results from your first profile.
Includes top issue tested
Includes top 3 issues tested
Includes top 10 issues tested
Includes all top issues tested