GSR: A Way To Get Tested Online

GSR is an alternative to muscle testing you can order online by sending in a photograph. Results come in 2-4 business days, and is affordable. It is a great service that branches off of Autonomic Response Testing and the photograph assessment techniques of Omura to do research and experimentation with assessing biophoton mechanics, structure, and activity. Each test measures what your light can and cannot do, such that we look at how “enlightened” you are when it comes to picking up information around you, internalizing details you see, processing thoughts well, preparing for physical activity, and so on. We test to see what variables harm and inhibit–and which help and improve. Anything from rays of sunshine to a friend’s handshake to passages of scripture to nutritional supplements can be tested and considered as a “solution” in our open-ended and expansive test kit library.

You can learn more about GSR below, or, at any time, you can place an order, start your intake, and your testing will be done within 4 business days of the time we receive both (note: due to the work involved on our end in processing orders, there are no refunds for any reason at any time).

GSR Advanced Profiles:
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Get Your GSR Advanced Profile, which includes testing on your top ten issues as indicated by our system, for just $100. This is the fastest way to make great improvements–without breaking the bank.

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Learn About GSR

When it comes to testing, there are few offerings as available and affordable as ours. It starts with a Free First Test, and a combined profile with ten separate issues tested costs under $150. Though non-medical and non-diagnostic, our readings give you good information about what your biophotons are responding to, allowing you to transcend traditional limits of expensive and ineffective testing used in the holistic world. A single profile might include heavy metals testing, hormone analysis, a suggestion pertaining to lifestyle, a spiritual health issue pertaining to your relationships, food sensitivities and beneficial food selections, and a minor analysis of environmental sensitivities–all in one go. Each issue we test comes with a list of problems found–and solution steps that work for your scenario based on our testing and your selection parameters. And, we select which tests you need using our testing model–so you don’t need to guess which issues to take on.

You can get it online and order from home. Sign up for a Free First Test takes 5-15 minutes; results come in 2-4 days. If nothing else, consider it useful resource on your personal path to help you navigate obstacles and choices in the holistic ideas spectrum.

Thanks for joining us.

Samuel Fritzsche MS MA

About GSR: Muscle Testing You Can Order From Home

Our testing is the best form of muscle and energetic testing available from a distance. You can get it right at home, and we test thousands of options to find protocols that match your exact needs. We do not profit off of supplement or product sales, so you can trust that we are reliably providing you information about what “tests well”–not marketing generic programs or expensive supplements we profit from.

To get started with testing, some choose to work with the FreeFirstTest. It is a great option, that shows you what a paid profile will include. Heavy metals might be your top issue, or infections–they will all be listed in order. Ordering results to indicated profiles is completely optional.

Paid GSR profiles include full results including positive and negative variable lists, description of imbalances detected, and suggestions for solutions. They are available starting at only $30. You can Learn More, or you can order directly at our store. Subscriptions are also available, but these are only available after you order a normal GSR price. They start at as little as $10 per month. You can learn more about subscriptions here.

So, let’s get you tested. Once you order, you will complete a simple intake form and send in photographs, then we can begin. Testing is completed within 2-4 days in most all circumstances.

Which Profile Should You Get

The Initial Wellness Profile (Free First Test)

The Free First Test offers an initial map of surprises with the IWP. This chart will track your overall energetic wellness scores, scores for each meridian field, and what issues come up to improve scores in each place. All items are listed in order of importance.

The Basic Profile ($30)

The Basic Profile includes results for your top test. If your top thing was food sensitivities, you will get a list of problems and solutions. If your issue was molds, or parasites, or oral infections, or thyroid, or daily rhythm lifestyle energetics, or issues with mom and other relationships, etc., you will get Results with four elements.

Results contain:

  • List of problematic variables
  • Description of impact
  • Solutions models assessment
  • List of positive variables

The TriField Profile ($70)

Instead of one, you get your top three profiles that synergistically create the most postiive impact. Interestingly, the effect of this can be almost as large as doing seven things, or twelve things, in many cases. That is because we use correct instrumentation in our assessment to gauge whether the three suggestions we offer combine well to offer maximum changes.

Sometimes the changes that come with your protocols are large. This service is for those who don’t want to take on too much, but still want to do something substantial (and affordable).

The Advanced Profile ($150)

Top ten issues tested. Here, we improve the scores for each of ten aspects of your energetic biology. Whereas your body shoots of light when someone looks at you angrily in a certain way, and radiates light completely different when you are engaged in calm thought, we assess your energetic capacities. Each of these ten aspects will give you before and after scores based on suggestions listed, so you will know when aspects of your bioenergetic wellness need support.

The Comprehensive Profile ($339)

The Comprehensive offers the ten part layers assessments across each of the twelve primary meridian fields. Thus, it is a 120 part test.

You might see that your top issue is in the seventh layer of the lung meridian, or the eighth layer of the kidney. When one has lots of high layer scores (8-9-10), this is a sign of great wellness. When one has lots of needs in the lower body (1-2-3), there are usually massive things to work on.

The latter is good: we want to make improvements that directly and rapidly cause a positive impact. The Comprehensive gets you there. It includes up to 24 assessments and protocols, which will be combined in a synergistic and beautiful way such that even if you have 28 herbs listed, you might only have a single to do step when it comes to implementing the protocol. We try to make the complicated simple, and our protocol summaries that come with each chart make that possible.

Research Services ($1,000+)

Have an item, product line, etc. you are researching? Consult us regarding your mission, and we will see if support you, ethically, in your process. We can help you design products that test well for target conditions or populations, and we can do comparative analyses to vet numerous products in the same field. Please note: all testing is done blind, and all testing is published in our private library (only available to advanced students). Sometimes we do double verifications (have another office run the same tests) to confirm results, especially if they are surprising. We do testing on population samples of 200 or more for baseline product research. We publish results (in our private library, available only to graduates of our advanced programs) regardless of whether the results side with your product or not, and are completely unbiased in the way we conduct our tests. We can not be bought off. Special rates available until 2023.

Who GSR Is For

Most of our clients have been through a number of holistic pathways trying to find improvements for themselves and for loved ones, and are hitting stumbling blocks not finding the path that is for them or implementing the current path they are excited about correctly.

Sometimes this takes the form of bad experiences with expensive marketed programs like Youngevity, DoTerra, Purium, etc. that come to own the whole market representing themselves as more ethical than they are. Such programs represent basic products as cure-alls for virtually all types of problems; when we encounter these salespeople, we either buy in and have insufficient results or do not buy in and become frustrated with the holistic movement entirely.

In other cases, clients have come to amazing expertise (through self-learning) on areas of holistic wellness relevant to them. They have been down roads, many of them good, and have done such deep exploration that it has gotten to be tough to see the forest through the trees. They need help sorting out which of the many good ideas actually work (for their case), refining their protocols (removing items that aren’t completely necessary), getting data on how well each step is working and what is still missing, and looking for more advanced protocols for specific types of issues not covered by their knowledge base. Unfortunately, when we research all of the issues out there by ourselves, we can become our worst enemies; we need the help of an outside party to assess paths we are considering and reflect back to us where the strengths are of our current paradigm. By getting into the specifics of our ideas (if we want to take on a path of detox, we should start by testing specifically which toxins we are effected by and how, and which products should be used and at what dosage and for what duration with an ability to reassess whether protocols are clearly working to achieve goals), GSR parses expansive information, refining and concentrating the effectiveness of our own ideas. This helps you strengthen your path and your ownership of your path, without feeling like you are trapped under the paradigm of another genius holistic health practitioner who is taking you away from the things you are excited about and offering things that don’t make sense.

Other clients come looking for protocols from Dietrich Klinghardt, Chris Shades, or other specific experts. They want clarity on specific items they have heard of (how to take them and at what dose, how to choose which products are needed, etc.). We can help the best of ideas become better, whether it pertains to dietary strategies (where we often, through testing, find seemingly minor details about how to improve one’s protocol that really impact outcomes) or supplement protocols (where we go for maximal response to products used where anything absolutely not necessary and directly impactful is discarded).

Finally, when it comes to helping loved ones, we have those who love the affordable option we provide to sort through many holistic options out there to gain a path that they can actually employ in a difficult circumstance. Whether it is a simple TriBasic finding the top three protocols for a homeless loved one or a ten step Advanced protocol working affordably with someone with a chronic issue, we can find something that really works. You can be a caretaker, show them the data, and open up into the pathways with them in a way where they can participate in their experience in an extremely flexible, needs positive way.

Because we don’t profit when we sell protocols, people find a completely different experience working with us than other practitioners. And, because all of the topics we cover are researched thoroughly with write-ups and background information available, we offer resources for you to learn about issues that came up for you. The core of our educational outreach is in meeting people where they are; there is a lot to learn–without hitting up google searches and online forums that yield often random results of varying integrity.

We are here to help you; we hope you enjoy our service.