We are currently releasing a database of micro research projects on hundreds of different ideas out there in the holistic world. You will be able to see our research, listen to audio content, take courses to learn how to use testing materials, download the testing slides, and learn about new issues you may not have heard of.

Research Areas

For the energetics of an enlightened environment

Most of our energetics programs focused on the energetics of the world around you–your cell phone, your living environment, dirty electricity, and so on. But we also look at energy healing tools, devices, and modalities, to compare what is actually working and what is actually practical in a field exploding with new devices and lots of promises.

Sometimes, people need to start here, and we list it first, because when we work here, subsequent protocols, such as from the nutrition field, tend to work better. The four programs should generally be approached in order for best results.

Achieving your healthiest you

Wellness as a construct is confusing. People have ideas on vaccines, on diet, and on just about everything under the sun if you find the right forum. Our work is to decode these ideas and make them simple.

If you get a diet panel, it will compare dozens or hundreds of diets, and find the one that tests the best for you (likely with a few backups). If you get a toxicology panel, hundreds of protocols will be assessed. If you get a hormone panel, the same.

But the difference with our testing model, compared with muscle testing, is that we give you data. We show you your scores, imbalancing factors (things making the problem worst), a description of your field pattern (description of the problem we found), a description of the type(s) of solutions that tests best, and a specific protocol that you can employ. This makes complex nutrition ideas simple.

Lifestyle of intelligence

Dharma Readings are our favorite part of this work. They will give you simple answers: should I go to this job or that one? This exercise or that one? Live in this place or that one?

It is like getting a psychic reading (pertaining to “to do” items, not how you feel), but without any of the nonsense of the psychic world.

That is because we use reliable testing slides for each issue. If lifestyle issues come up, “morning exercises and behaviors” might be a category, and “sauna and exercise” might be a slide, or “meditating and writing.” These types of activities that test well can be implemented in a science-based way; there will be a specific imbalance we are targeting, and we will re-assess after the employment of the exercise in three months.

On the employment of the mind

Were you meant to have this life? Are you responding reasonably to the variables you see? Are family behavior patternings good for you? Do you have things to work on on a spritual level?

These questions highlight a simple way to look at our mental wellness oriented research projects. In a more complex way, we could say we are doing research that allows us to assess the validity and employability of spiritual concepts. In other words, we can do a research study on the employment of a line from scripture like “love your neighbor as yourself.” If such a variable came up in a testing session, your practitioner will likely ask you about people you are harboring resentment towards in your life, and how that has impacted your life, or the lives of others.

Testing these things matter; this category offers, by and large, the strongest source of improvement to biofield scores. Contextually, and with exceptions, one might infer that the spiritual use of the mind is the highest goal, and the other three categories merely form the foundation on which the mind can rest.


Our projects library currently has around one thousand unique slide sets. In anticipation of the release of the first several hundred, most of which will focus on basic themes or concepts with which you will be familiar, we will point you to two blog posts with sample releases.

Every project will have things like:

  • Slide sets for practitioners. Printable test slides for use with our laser enhanced testing system, or with other testing tools in a muscle testing context.
  • Research Articles. Published on substack, an overview of the 7 aspects of each project following our weekly testing focuses. There will be a summary notating findings with impact across different demographics, products or tools that might be relevant, etc.

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