LERA Test Profiles

The profiles offered highlight our assessment styles for different aspects of the energy patterns of your biofield. You can get a full and complex look at all of the mechanics of your biophoton field, or you can just get a simple, straight forward test that assesses basic reactions. Each profile style is meant to provide actionable information in the most efficient way based on your budget.

Learn about the 5 profiles we offer.

Your profile is your key to a new reality, to a new door, to a new success story, and to a new path to wellness.

As if the source of higher wisdom came to give you a sacred message about what lies ahead, or a great master or a teacher gave you some wisdom and advice, or an idiot on the street came to you and somehow prophesied about something you needed to know, LERA profiles have an existential quality to them. That is because what we are testing, in effect, is what your spirit wants–and what makes your light happy.

On A Free First Test

The goal of the Free First Test research program is to find out what the top issues impacting the average person are.

You may have two indications for structural issues. You may have four that pertain to toxicology. They will be specific, and to some extent actionable (if “food sensitivities” show up, instead of ordering a paid list of food issues, you can do an elimination diet, or order another food sensitivities profile).

Some people have a lot of transpersonal issues coming up on their first FFT. Others will lean towards lifestyle and life path issues. Others will lean towards nutrition category programs (which represent the primary thing people come to us for). Finally, some will lean towards EMF sensitivity, need for energetic healing modalities, and so on.

You can then order a paid profile. For each issue that comes up, you will get a list of causal factors, a description of the dysregulation pattern associated with the issue coming up, a list of solution steps that could be used, and a specific protocol you can take up.

You will walk away with a full protocol after a paid profile. After the free profile, you will get a lot of information about the data of your energy patterns matched with a list of issues connected to those patterns.

Note: in your selection parameters, you can include or exclude different types of tests. You can choose to have us ignore all environmental sensitivity tests, or all lifestyle tests, to create a customized profile that matches your goals and inspirations, and meets you where you are.

On A Basic Profile

On a Basic Profile, you will see the top steps you can take to make progress. Rather than getting into the nit-picky details of finding where in your biofield the top blockages are, this test is designed to be affordable. It asks the overall you, what will make you more coherent right now?

Perhaps your Basic Profile will describe running and exercise pathways. It might get into several nutrition concepts; your top step might resolved around Bartonella, Lyme, Aluminum, and screen time. All of these are summarized in a simple and palatable way.

And the test only costs $30.

On A Cube Profile

On a Cube Chart, you will see all of the results from the Basic Profile, the essential test for your overall biophoton field cohesion.

The three sections of the Cube Profile then unfold to give you specific and actionable steps for each of the three categories.

Given that most who will order the Cube Profile will have financial restrictions leading to them ordering this, there is a focus on things you can do right now at very little cost.

Clothing will be tested. Your glasses will be tested. Scars and structural issues that haven’t resolved will be tested. The need for a chiropractor (speaking as if that was a variable) will be assessed. The need for qi gong will be assessed.

If you have fundamental issues here, such as a spinal issue, or a significant sensitivity to a filling, or a block from your clothing, it will be noted.

The physical switchings tests are just one part, and this is the part that relates towards physical and structural imbalances. Basically, it asks, “is your body comfortable?”

We next look at the mind. Is your body stressed just thinking about your mother? Is there an ancestral issue? Is there a key trauma playing into circumstances that may later be revealed as having to do with toxins, foods, or other material things? This simple scan of common pattern of mental switchings is important, and you will walk away with key phrases to reset your body with using tapping or other techniques.

The third category is a review of your meridian system. We want to know where meridian pathways are blocked. We want to know what tapping points (which can be stimulated with tapping, moxa, lasers expensive or inexpensive, and other healing tools) can rebalance some of your fundamental blockages.

Of course, it should be noted that some will have a massive need to work on their physical issues (such as an athlete who received many issues, or someone who has had a lot of dental problems, or someone who was in a car crash and never did proper physical exercise to rehabilitate themselves). Others will have primarily mental concerns; they might not know it, but their mind’s patterning can actually be a key to all of the pieces the future panel will unlock. Still others will be energetically attuned to sensations that do not improve their physical state. Such a person might be never at rest, or imbalanced in odd ways. The energetic assessments of the meridian system, as basic they are (from our perspective) can be massively important for the average person.

The key point here is that you will get scores for each of these three categories, and you will get mechanisms of improvement for all of these issues.

Importantly, each of the issues found here would likely disrupt progress with any of the protocols listed in the future.

On An Advanced Profile

Of course, all of the above lays the groundwork to move forward into testing the different ideas and strategies from across the holistic world. Now that the most primary causes of blockage to the biofield and the three categories of switchings have been addressed, the body can make progress with working on its issues.

You will get ten steps, listed in order, that improve each of the ten aspects of the biofield we assess.

You might have three structural issues come up, with recommendations for movement, exercise patterning, strengthening work-outs, chiropractic or craniosacral therapy or osteopathy, and the like. You might have eight nutrition issues come up, ranging from protocols on probiotics to food sensitivities to gut healing to pesticide sensitivities to imbalanced overall diet structure.

You name it; we are going to assess it and see whether it is a big issue for you. Importantly, our testing works as a checklist. We will see: does this person pass the diet selection checks, or do they need to work there. Do they pass the infections checks, or do they need to work there. In this way, nothing is missed, and the most important steps are selected for you to make the most efficient gains.

On A Comprehensive Profile

If you are ready for more than what is listed above, here is what you will see on a Comprehensive Profile.

You will see your Basic and Cube profiles. You will then see the ten sections of the Advanced Profile assessed separately across each of the twelve meridians. This 120 part test then looks at where your top imbalances are. You might have three lung issues, four stomach issues, two spleen issues, and no heart issues. By engaging with meridian patterning in a specific and testable way, we make a lot of gains just through testing and awareness.

If your lung was 1.3 this round, and 4.7 next round, we know we made great progress. But if we did a whole bunch of work, and it barely improved at all, we will want to really put it under the magnifying glass to see what else can be done.

The acknowledgement that protocols can fail, yield partial success, can take a long time to work, or require meticulousness to get them right is important. We can’t just say: we tested that, we found the solution, you took the solution, the problem is gone. We instead must assume, like good detectives, that whatever progress was made was not enough, that there are always chances for surprises, and some problems, int heir process of healing, will beget other problems. Or, addressing other types of problems will peel away layers and yield completely new types of problems.

By being able to track so many pieces of information (scores in 124 areas), we have a much better chance of seeing what is making progress and what is not, when it comes to assessing upon follow-up whether the protocol in the previous session was effective.