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July 2022 Status

Currently building out the library of testing systems, with initial descriptions and access to testing slides. Look forward to developing our content structure to let you dive in to weird and tricky subjects and learn all about them–all courses, all styles of content, at your finger print (why block someone from learning when learning is their goal). Future practitioners will be able to teach courses and add them to the system.

Once the initial systems map is released, then I will get to work on the four rounds of courses for the four practitioner styles, and the one central course series about doing the testing itself. So, whether you want to learn GSR just for nutrition, or to do dharma readings, or to do spiritual health analysis (even intuitively), or to assess someone’s house, they will all fit into the same model.

Look forward to sharing upcoming releases by next year.

Samuel Fritzsche MS MA

Founder, GSR

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Intro Statement

Our courses focus on allowing you to take whichever content you want, and on completing muscle testing courses successfully over a multiple week period while your skills development.

To learn muscle testing in a weekend and then not be able to apply it is a recipe for partial success. Our GSRA I shows you how to test content on yourself first, so you can then take whichever content courses you would like and guage your own responses. After doing this successfully, you can begin to work on patients (in this case, friends and willing participants in your learning) by applying slides from the content courses you are learning and seeing what you find.

It is a great way to get sustainable learning results. By GSRA III (Advanced Analytics) you will be able to test in highly effective ways, preparing you for GSRA IV–where you prepare your own research study. It’s the exact type of experience clients want to see when they look at your practice. They can see how many hundreds of courses you have taken; they can be reassured that you took a course in subjects relevant to them; and they can see the research you focused on.

It takes the guessing game out of muscle testing; anyone who can get through this program, is a master.

Key Benefits To Our Program

You will:

  • Have all content available at all times so you can brush up on things you forgot or review testing techniques you never gained clarity on
  • Be able to take any content course you want
  • See new systems as they come out (generally, weekly)
  • Participate in an active student community where students are encouraged to post questions in our discussion boards
Learning Format

Whether you are an advanced learner familiar with numerous content areas and capable in your own testing technique or a new learner looking for simplified backgrounds of complicated areas of research application, this program is right for you.

Our courses are integrative.

Students can access what they need at any time. Courses are all access with no limits on pace, and no required path. This means that advanced track students can skim the research articles to see basic summaries on advanced findings, while new learners can start with a basic e-books (that form a great resource to share with clients as well).

The muscle testing courses are surrounded by four practitioner pathways. In a testing session, one can learn to incorporate spiritual health elements (are you waking up in the morning in a state of positivity? Are there traumas or imbalance patterns that need to be dealt with?) as easily as they can incorporate nutritional elements (is there an infection? Which herbs test well? Which diet strategy is going to work?). Environmental aspects can be incorporated, and lifestyle and life path elements can be incorporated.

Courses come as resources with free testing slides included (no more need to purchase thousands of dollars in testing vials).

For a simple subscription, one gets access to both testing courses (Global Spectrum Response Analysis I through IV) and dozens of content courses–each with their own slides pack (hundreds are in the works).

It is a great way to learn a new skill, and start a new career.