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Steps to using our service

All testing just requires you to fill out our intake and upload a personal photograph. There is no need for you to show up in person or send any physical materials. Testing turnaround time is approximately one week.
1. Get Your Initial Free Results (Optional)

If you’d like to know some basic findings about what is going on for you, without paying for a full profile with solutions, causes of imbalance listed, specific understandings about impact of issues detected, and so on, you can participate in our research by submitting for a Free First Test. The FFT’s Initial Profile will show you what your top issues were, in order. You can then choose whether you’d like to order a small or a large profile.

2. Choose Your Profile

When you choose your profile, you are choosing how much information you want. Some profiles show just the biggest step(s) to work on; others show all of the information we can find that can be reasonably placed within the context of useful information.


Free with FFT



3. Decide On Your Protocols

An Advanced Profile will list ten steps, in order of importance, that you could take on. Some might involve movement or exercise. Others might involve seeing a practitioner for a structural issue, or a certain type of dentist. Others might involve supplements, or nutritional approaches. Of course, strategies selected will fit within the confines of your selection parameters: if you say you don’t want to make any diet changes, such changes will be replaced with other modalities that create improvement.

You can choose to follow whatever protocols you want. You can, of course, run them by other practitioners to make sure all suggestions check out (we always check for contraindications, but you are responsible for your own decisions regarding protocol options). You can do financial checks to see if items we suggested can be had for cheaper than we indicate, and so on.

You can then decide to order any items you’d like from us (we charge you wholesale rates plus an ordering fee), or acquire them your own way.

4. Give us feedback

We suggest most clients get tested quarterly. This allows for a stable flow of information sufficient to allow you to track what is working and what is not. It also allows protocols to be updated and modified, and you can learn what protocols should be continued, and which should be stopped. Things change; protocols should accommodate that change; and testing services should be affordable enough where you can afford to get the information you need.

Whether or not you are continuing with our program, we encourage you to give us feedback. What worked, what didn’t, what aren’t you sure about; what could you do, what couldn’t you do, and waht issues did you have; how did you like working with us, and what would you like us to learn so that we can improve our services.

Feedback is one of the most important aspects of this work; don’t forget to give us feedback using the feedback form on our contact page, or by using an “update intake” when you are preparing for any follow up test.

5. Subscription & Reordering

Most clients should get quarterly profiles until that is no longer necessary, at which point they can slow down testing even further. With subscriptions, payments for testing are divided into monthly payments. You get additional benefits like enhanced data tracking (monitoring of progress over time, predictive monitoring for future trends, etc.), and you get a more stable partnership with your team. It helps you with accountability, and to make financial plans. Subscribers also get discounts on purchases, and with access to wholesale prices on most products, they might save you money in the long run. They are strongly suggested.

If you don’t subscribe, you can simply re-order whenever you would like. This will help you track the progress you’ve made, see what new issues have emerged, evaluate all past protocols and protocol options, etc.

Current Discounts:

  • Basic Profiles are free with your Free First Test. Just proceed to the FFT section and write “Basic” in your intake notes.
  • Cube Charts are just $50
  • Advanced Profiles are $120
  • Comprehensive Profiles are $200

Get Started

Getting started consists of filling out an intake form, making payment, and waiting for your test to be processed. You could be on your way to your first test today.


Did you know your first test is free?

Your Free First Test will:
  • Map the top areas of imbalance in your biofield
  • Find the top solution options from our myriad test kits
  • Let you choose what type of profile you want to pay for
  • Give you the option to just use the information on your own
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Simply requires you to upload a photograph and fill out a short intake form. More information is at the bottom of this page.