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July 2022 Update:

Currently are just some introductory podcasts about the work I am creating here and the story behind it.

In the future, you will see a full index of different topics we have covered in our research. The “lectures” are meant to, as if in a sermonic way, give an overarching lecture on a thematic subject of our time. These will tell the stories, grab you, and explain, clearly, the details that are relevant. If we are discussing WiFi, or GMOs, variables associated with sadness, or whatever else, it will not be an armchair scholar’s research review. We tell the stories of those who have suffered, tell the stories of prevalent researchers and their research, and then go into our own research and the unique findings we came across.

Again, the lectures are grabbing, and open to a general audience. For now, you can check out the podcasts.

Samuel Fritzsche MS MA

Founder, GSR

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