GSR Testing System

Our testing offering is unique. Let’s walk through it.

Seven Steps To Understanding Our Work

1. We Offer Profiles

The profiles we offer come around $150 for a standard profile. You will get ten test results for your ten top issues. If you order test results for a single section (Basic Profiles), the cost is $30.

Each step in your profile is listed in order, and there are some other inclusions. When you order a test, you get to send in photographs of items you want us to test, like foods you eat, supplements you are taking, spaces in your environment, etc. And, there is initially a body mapping, automatically included, that will add tapping and other protocols to create energetic alignments (in other words, each test includes a meridian field mapping with tapping point suggestions). These will be part of your TriField section.

Profiles are designed to be easy to follow. They map what issues came up, they list results for those issues (results include testing on problem factors, testing on protocols, descriptions of impact, and so on), and they summarize your protocols to make them easy to follow.

If you ever wanted to know what your top issues are, in order, a profile is right for you. It cuts through hundreds of pathways and combines all ideas into testable phenomenon.

2. All people can order, conveniently from home

But it just takes a photograph! You can order from home!

This cuts through a lot of the convenience issues with muscle testing. Some people just don’t want to sit through a session. Sometimes children have difficulties with sessions, or the frail.

We make it convenient. You order from home, and all results will be written, and tailored to your needs. You will be able to research issues that came up, and study them on your own, before asking questions about them when needed (usually by e-mail with your practitioner–phone sessions cost extra). You won’t be blindsided by a complicated array of things being discussed in person; you will have time to digest the knowledge. And, with each issue that comes up, there will generally be a book to read if you are curious and other information about it. That can help you ease into all the little worlds of thought that came up in your protocol design.

3. It is affordable

Prices start at $30 for a test. For quarterly testing billed monthly, this costs just $10 a month. Our standard service (the quarterly Advanced Profile) costs $50 per month. The most complicated test we offer (which will test all the issues that come up, rather than just your top ten) costs $339.99.

And, it all starts with a Free First Test. There is no cost to participate and see if it is right for you.

But if that wasn’t enough, to maintain freedom from bias in our lab we do not participate in affiliate programs or even profit off of supplement sales. Aside from ordering fees ($25 in most cases, $50 for wholesale orders), you will receive any products we order for you (through drop shipping suppliers) and give you the wholesale price). If you purchase $600 worth of things, they would have costed you $1200 at retail price in most cases (Some exceptions apply, such as when ordering from suppliers with higher shipping fees or lower wholesale discounts. You will pay actual cost plus the ordering fee for our time to place the order). But you don’t have to order from us: we try to make suggestions for items that are easily available and affordable even if you do not purchase them from us.

4. It has a goal of comparing numerous options

In the sections of your protocol, food suggestions show up. Heavy metals, relationship issues, lifestyle factors, emotional barriers, environmental issues, chemical sensitivities, etc. will all be listed on the same profile.

Our goal is to see which of these options work. If someone has a heavy metals protocol, we want to know (and we do research on) what percentage of people will do well with that protocol, how that protocol compares to other protocols, etc.

We do not blindly apply facts based on our constructs of understanding and assume they will be righteous. Even an obvious winner protocol (something that seems like it will test well for everybody) needs to be tested thoroughly. We don’t suggest things that don’t test well, even if we think they should test well. Instead of blindly applying theories, we blindly test them. We do not apply any biases when selecting testing options.

5. It starts with a Free First Test–but that’s not required

That’s right–you can start with a Free First Test.

This will map out the scores of your biofield, and show which issues came up for you.

The Free First Test is like a map that shows you which destinations have value. YOu might have thought that dozens of minor food change suggestions will be required; your Free First Test (Initial Wellness Profile) might show the opposite. You might have thought that your primary needs pertained to lifestyle; they might actually pertain to the environment.

We test what shows up, and this helps us to do research.

Please sign up for a Free First Test so you can see our program at work. There is no cost to you and no sudden or hidden upsells (the same goes with all of our services. The only things you pay for are testing and phone consultations–there are no upsells or hidden fees outside of the four testing options, nor is there an agenda to sell you products we profit on. We do not.).

6. The Profiles can be customized to your preferences

Selection Parameters come up as an important part of your intake.

You get to choose to include or exclude each of our four programs (environment/energy science, nutrition, lifestyle, and spiritual health). You can order a profile completely based in nutrition, or with a combination of results from all four programs.

When it comes to protocols, you similarly have options. You can choose to allow us to include or exclude food changes, herb recommendations as tea or tincture, homeopathy, bulk supplement powders, affordable supplements (under $17), expensive supplements (over $34), or really expensive ones ($70+). It’s all up to you, and we try to cater to all needs where possible. If you are vegan, or don’t take supplements, or don’t want to make lifestyle changes, etc., we will work with you. You can even order an “adjustment” where if you don’t want to follow a protocol, we will find an alternative option that meets the same need.

It’s all up to you.

7. We offer subscriptions for ongoing analysis of your scores

Subscriptions are the easiest way to stick with us. Each quarter you will place an order for the supplements, herbs, etc. you need. You will engage in massive lifestyle protocols, or minor ones. You will shift the way you relate with your environment, such as by cleaning up dirty electricity in your house, or reducing cell phone exposure.

Then, after three months, we will see how well that works. You might take on a new protocol, even one not suggested by us. An injury might happen, from a car crash. We will easily be able to see how your scores change, and then be able to review your progress over time.

In general, four consecutive quarterly readings put you in exciting place to make predictions about outcome expectations for the future. If an issue consistently failed to get well, or is massively declining, consistently each quarter, you know you will really need to take that one on. If something is getting better easily, you know it wasn’t a deeper issue. If an issue gets better then goes back to where it was, you know you either need to go back to the protocol, or readdress the issue in a new way.

You get to observe, with these changes, how your selections lead to your results. The effect of being able to witness our progression over time with the data of our charts is phenomenal. We become a reliable source for insight, giving you lots of freedom to see how changes make an impact on your own. We don’t suck you into data-less charts that you simply aren’t sure whether or not they are working.

The Profiles

Four separate profiles

We offer four profiles to match the needs of different types of customers.



Score: For your overall energetic wellness

Results: Of one testing module, fully explored




Scores: OES, meridian energetics, and more

Results: Top module tested. All variables sent in, tested. Energetic assessment and protocol. Body areas (scars, switchings, etc.) tested.




Scores: Assessment of 10 aspects of biophoton function and above

Results: Top ten modules tested. TriField and Basic results included.




Scores: Meridian field scores, ten layers scores, and above.

Results: All significant modules tested. TriField results included.



When we think about costs in terms of monthly price for quarterly testing (as found in our subscription), we see that a Basic Profile (one important suggestion per testing cycle) costs just $10 per month. TriField (review of all the stuff you send in, body areas, energy dynamic, and top module) costs just $20. An Advanced (Top ten modules with Basic and TriField results) costs $50. And, the Comprehensive will cost a little more than $100.

We offer subscriptions on a quarterly basis because it may not be adviseable to take on a number of protocols but not complete them: three months gives enough time for protocols to have their inertia. And, it may be considered too lax to wait four: some items will no longer be needed at that point, having been fully resolved, whereas some items may not be fully working, and need adjustment.

Quarterly protocols is ideal for tracking data, for saving money, and for implementing changes in a cost effective way.

Please note, our service might actually end up saving you money. By ordering with us and getting protocols at wholesale prices, if you spend more than $350 per quarter on supplements your Advanced Profile might pay for itself. If you spend more than $750, a Comprehensive Profile might pay for itself.

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