FAQ & Disclaimer

Sending in a photograph to get an advanced assessment in just a few days? This can’t be real.

The origin of this work is with Autonomic Response Testing. While some ART practitioners do offer testing at a distance (using techniques that came to increased popularity during the Covid lockdowns), we wanted to amplify distance testing to make it the center of our approach. To do this, we employ some unique testing methods, such as laser-based exposure of testing slides to the patient.

While all of this sounds hokey, what is neat about it is that it works. When people receive their Initial Wellness Profile from the Free First Test program, the number one response is the expression of surprise that our testing found things that that the client had not mentioned to us.

The other break from ART is our expansive test library. We don’t just use a line of supplements like KI Science as our primary go-to. We have a testing library allowing for the utilization of thousands of systems of thought from across the holistic spectrum.

Thousands of systems of thought? What is this Systems Library about?

We create our own testing slides. If we want to test if there will be a benefit to sunlight exposure, we will make testing slides with sun light. Then, we will gauge how best to test patients for response. In in-person testing, the slide can be exposed with a variety of methods.

Systems are divided into four categories. Within nutrition, we of course know that there are thousands of theories on what makes us well. System 47 looks at solutions for drug use, giving us a chance to do research on the thousands of options that are available to support someone in their recovery to different “hard” drugs. System 23 looks at dietary strategies from a Chinese medicine lens. It lets us simply differentiate when a top step for someone might be applying teachings from macrobiotics, Paul Pitchford’s work (his Healing With Whole Foods is generally seen as the first book on TCM dietary approaches available to a Western audience), and so on. Perhaps they are strategies we all need, and equally would benefit from. But more likely, it is only occasionally that this will be top step for someone, so we include it as a system so we can test both how to apply teachings but also when to apply teachings.

System 1 in the dharma readings (lifestyle) category looks at the codes we live by, to decide if there are hard principles (wake up every day at a certain time, never drink alcohol, etc.) that would help someone loosen themselves from the results of instability in their life patterning. System 2 jumps into exercise methods intended to heal specific musculoskeletal imbalances, while System 8 looks at whether there is enough love in our life (literally, it pertains to regular expression of love for others, which has a quite healing effect).

While some of these things may seem esoteric (at Modern Light, System 103 looks at the extent to which we respond to loss by “hiding” energetically and emotionally, such as in cutting ourselves off from relationships or spending all day watching Netflix), we like to think that turning different methods of thinking about illness patterns into testable variables will help to show people the variety of paths that might be useful to walk in their life.

We can never say that one system is right (more important) and another is wrong (less important) in a universal way; sometimes, people find the most random things to be the most powerfully healing, and the most consistently useful things to be the least useful for their specific case. Therefore we like to be holistic in our aim, only applying the theories that test well, not those that we assume to be important.

What does the testing session look like though?

Testing unfolds in an Omura-like way for those who are familiar with that method. There are a couple laser-enhanced exposure processes to expose variable to the patient. Then the testing of responses to all variables is, singularly, a manual muscle test (we are not believing that computerized methods will in any way supercede manual work any time soon, though we like to think that it will be a possibility).

Thus, we describe our testing as instantaneous response measurement of biophoton activity. The method we use in our testing is not a presumptive testing action that tests the body in a universal way; instead, we use laser exposures of liver meridan energetics when we want to test the liver, or skin energetics when we want to test the skin.

It is the same as any manual muscle testing technique, and based on Klinghardt’s work (which now has a couple of peer reviewed studies behind it*. Klinghardt, who helped propel muscle testing beyond the infantile assumptions that it is a matter of simply testing the nervous system with his invention of polarized lens tests which measured biophoton coherence–a discovery that at a Medicine Week conference in Germany in the 1980s, made Fritz Popp break down in tears. Tears of joy that someone had taken his biophoton work and made it practical.

Here what we do is pointedly interested in using a Klinghardt-like model to assess a wide variety of aims, such that using our innovative (novel) method we can test different aspects of biophoton functionality (and what it is impacted by), further improving the future of the biophoton sciences that emerged with Popp.

*https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29332023/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/318519334_The_Ruggiero-Klinghardt_RK_Protocol_for_the_Diagnosis_and_Treatment_of_Chronic_Conditions_with_Particular_Focus_on_Lyme_Disease

Is it affordable?

The Free First Test is just a promo, marketing attempt, or scam, some might say. You get the Free Test, which will show individual results in your profile. You will see what your scores are, and a list of the top things that will help you improve your scores (a list might suggest that your top issue pertains to metals, the second pertains to a structural issues, the third and fourth pertain to infections, one pertains to diet, and so on).

While this is free, to order results to indicated modules is not. If food sensitivities show up as an issue, you will have to pay to get the issue fully tested out and get a list of foods to add or remove. If metals show up, your paid profile will include a list of the metals, a specific description of their impact, and suggestions to improve your scores in the areas impacted by the metals. To do this, we will find the best protocol within the confines of your selection parameters (you get to choose what types of suggestions we test for you, and what price range you want us to stick to).

Paid testing starts at $30 (for your top indicated module) and our standard service costs $150.

Keep in mind, that while you can pay and order the suggested profile, we in no way mandate this. If your top issue is metals, you can use this information and work on it on your own. Therefore we still consider participation in FFT as providing a lot of benefit. And it also benefits us, as we do our research projects.

Full Disclaimer

This service is non-medical. Work with a licensed physicians for all cases where you are seeking medical answers, diagnostics, and help.

This disclaimer will explain that this is a biometric energy test based on establishing norms for research parameters of energetic reactions inside the cell. This educational test measures how to balance your “biometric energy field” and not your physical health. We are in no way responsible your actions based on this testing or their consequences.

A Non-Medical, BioEnergetic Test
Why you should order our test
Our test evaluates the biometrics of energy. It should not be used for medical examination.

Personal Responsibility for Actions
The testing provided does not diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe. You are solely responsible for all decisions and actions you make. Our information is educational only, and it has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. We do not have any control over how you may choose to use said information, therefore we cannot be held responsible for your actions. You are liable for all ramifications of your actions, including personal injury, expenses, illness, or death.

Client confidentiality
All client information will be kept confidential. All client information will be released to the client directly. Your information may be used anonymously for research, but at no point will personal names, addresses, or other potentially sensitive information be used. Your information may be released to practitioners you are working with if you give permission.

Authorized Representatives and Direct Use Only Clause
By ordering this test you agree that the name of the person indicated for testing is the name of the person whose saliva swab was collected. If ordering for someone else, you must note yourself as their authorized representative with legal permission.

Non-Research Use Only
By ordering this test you agree that it is for personal use only and you are not ordering a research test or using test results for the purpose of research expressed as written scientific writing or other spoken or published information without our knowing consent. Test data may not be published or publicly shared without our permission.

Government Agents
By ordering this test you certify that you are not working with or for a government agency or working with any agency or lab engaged with observing our test system.

On Personal Phone Consultations
Your phone counselor may go over information about your personal health with you (such as in intake, or listening to your story), but may not interpret, diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe based on that information. The purpose of all phone appointments is “energy balance” based on your biometric energy screening.

Constrictions of use
This test may not be used for medical evaluation. We to not diagnose, treat, cure, or prescribe, nor do we offer information that will assist in diagnosing, treating, curing, or prescribing.

Use with your doctor
Doctors and other care providers should not use the information from our tests as diagnostic tests or medical evaluation.