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In Person Visits in Longmont, CO

Our muscle testing is unlike anything else.

We use a hybrid of our current LERA integrations, mapping the ten layers of the biofield we assess, with traditional Autonomic Response Testing.

We use test kits that are individualized to the clients; if you cannot afford BioPure products, we will work with affordable options (for those used to Klinghardt’s model, price is a common concern). If you want us to work with herbs more, we can do so, and if you want to make your own tinctures rather than buy products, we will support you in that.

We are all about making the cutting edge affordable.

Note: Not all clients accepted. After submitting this form, we will decide whether to set up an appointment or recommend you choose our online services. Sessions cost $250 to start, including your first session and first follow up, and $100 for all subsequent sessions.

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