Part of the future of a great testing community

Muscle testing is complicated. Computerized biofeedback models are limited. Laser enhanced distance signaling offering a Yoshiaki Omura-like distance interface for testing via photograph is a confusing proposition.

Right in the middle of what is surely seen as an odd biofeedback community, including a variety of methods of deducing response of patients to variables, comes our service. In a way, it represents the heights of potential: we provide more of an academic structure to learning programs, we offer a form of data integration that allows the complex to be made simple and allows patients to track results, and we integrate thousands of options for things that might “show up” in a testing panel for things that are often new and unheard of. Instead of just showing glyphosate, food sensitivities and other common items integrated into muscle testing, we look at whether a patient should be walking, how their sleeping pattern can be supported, and whether they need to integrate healthier relationships into their lives. Our work is to take even the most interesting and exotic ideas available, both on practical, common, and known tools, and the unknown, rare, antiquated, or odd.

In a way, this represents the cutting edge, that comes to clear away the money oriented testing pathways (i.e. where supplement sellers test between products they stand to profit from the recommendations of), unreliability of results (we test in a blind way and find repeatable results), and cost barriers to getting a proper analysis (the average person needs an affordable way to see what is coming up for them, and this not should be difficult to come by).

Rather than a complicated “we’re the best” About section or a simplistic biography explaining how great we are, here are a series of articles that you can read to deeply dive into the knowledge you seek to gather.

If you learn best by listening, consider throwing these articles into an app like Pocket to put them in audio form, or consider heading to our podcast section.