About: The Importance Of Cost

We offer three layers of support for patients when it comes to cost.

1. All In One Testing Design

Firstly, you shouldn’t have to order this lab to get this test, that lab to get that one. This practitioner for these results, that practitioner for those ones. The need for an all in one gateway examination process (much like a hospital where your initial tests guide the doctor where to send you, our service does the same but in the wide expanse of the holistic fringes) is extremely high in an age of disinformation, supplement sellers and profiteers, confusing explanations offered by the untrained, and generally a convoluted sense of which pathway is best for a person offered to the point of information overload offered by people who stand to benefit or people who have become “enlightened” and support one pathway or another.

Rather than see all the bridges in the holistic world as matters to profit on, and rather than seeing certain pathways as right and others wrong, we stand to gain, at this time, from a more simple point of view: if someone is offering a suggestion without data, this is unethical.

If someone says you should be vegan and start an Anthony Williams pathway, or go keto and start a Bernstein pathway, it is likely they have not tested out all the issues regarding the recommendation. The same goes for supplement sellers of all types offering marketed programs (including even the best of representatives from some of the great companies out there). They simply haven’t tested whether what they are offering you is going to work. They haven’t even tested what underlying issues you may have.

Even those, as in the naturopathic world, who offer functional analyses to deduce “causes” of issues are a mere blanket in an age with temperatures reaching forty below. Parasitology testing is a good example: only a few parasites (perhaps less than ten) can be reliably found in a stool sample, and of these false negatives will be quite common. But parasites like lung worm and those found in the brain (parasites tend to exist all throughout the body) cannot be tested. Similarly, organic acids tests are supposedly use to indicate status of needs for nutrients. But often the items indicated should not simply be replaced; there is an underlying issue causing a dysregulation that needs to be addressed. There is no way to resolve all problems, just by replacing nutrients.

The manner comes to be confused when it hits home. We don’t know what to do, so we reach out for ideas. In an online community, the “hodge podge” of offerings becomes readily apparent–one can have two dozen responses to a question asking for help, and within these two dozen it is often the case that no two suggestions will be the same. How is one to rightly deduce which paths are right?

Acupuncture might work well for one person with the same problem for whom chiropractic worked, or nutrition. There are dozens of ways to address each problem, and within supplement brands the ability to navigate all of the beneficial options out there is likely held by noone. Even greats in the naturopathic world like Michael Murray, Alan Gaby, etc. surely regularly disagree with one another.

We need a simple system to sort through all of the options. A single test for free will help you deduce which pathways will work. Your paid test offering all the tests you need for a single price point ranging from $30 to $340 tests not only problems, but protocols–within your selection parameters. You can choose to allow us to offer food change suggestions, or homeopathy–or you can exclude such options. All of the testing you need comes in a single profile, and all of the protocols you get are meant to be affordable.

2. No Separation Between You And Your Supplement

Even there, we have a problem. If one were to offer the perfect protocol, under ideal circumstances, patients still, having been traumatized by mistreatment from naturopaths and supplement sellers, come to refuse such suggestions. They might feel that they were simply being sold something.

Enter the no profit supplement sales model. It is not our goal to profit off of supplement sales. Rather, we offer a subscription oriented testing service that, generally, gives you a testing profile every quarter for a cost as little as $10 per month (the most expensive service is around $100 per month). With this, you get wholesale supplement prices with a simple ordering fee (even if you order $1,000 worth of supplements, which will cost you $500-600 at wholesale prices, you still just pay an ordering fee, currently $25). Gone are the days of selling $400 of supplements, and profiting $200–that is just not in our model.

For non-subscribing customers, we encourage patients to get items from wherever they would like. And indeed, we will often test items that we do not sell at all. We want to help you get what you need in the most affordable way. For those needing to purchase through professional brands, all customers can access the Wellevate store from Emerson Ecologics and receive a maximum 35% discount. Or, they can place an order for supplements at wholesale prices minus twelve percent plus a $25 ordering fee.

With this affordable supplement model, testing pays for itself. And, you can rely on the idea that we are not incentivized to sell you something. It is a very important matter in an age when people untrained (in cross-comparative diagnostic assessment), representing themselves as trained, sell things to any gullible customer who will listen.

It is not an ethical way.

3. A Comfortable Way To Integrate Friends

Our service is so oriented towards affordability that we wanted to acknowledge that often we have friends and family who need support, and provide pathways to help those in need that are convenient, not weird, approachable, easy to integrate, and manageable.

Any direct recommendations you send (up to five) will receive a 25% discount through our online store. That means you can show someone your profile to a stubborn friend who you know needs help, and encourage them to take care of themselves with this discount.

All testing, for all people, should be affordable. But in a world where an “entrance price” to naturopathy often starts at hundreds of dollars for assessment, hundreds of dollars for testing, and hundreds of dollars for supplements–which you spend before you even know whether the protocols will be working–many people (absolutely the majority) are excluded.

Our profiles come via e-mail, and sometimes can take some time to adjust to and process. New patients (such as a stubborn person who is unsure of the protocols, one who resists holistic suggestions as a whole and has a reason to doubt some findings) often find it beneficial to start with one step, or three, if ten or more are given. Even following one step can have a massive effect. Then, finding good results, they might re-order to get an update on how their score changes and how their top needs shifted.

We make it very easy to participate in, which works to the benefit of achieving affordable access points to protocols that work.

They’re needed.