A story born in the hope for all people to have access to the highest level of support

The work you find here was born of a charitable aim. Few and far between are those who need advanced integration of holistic wellness concepts and have it. Fewer and further between are those who can functionally apply even good holistic concepts in a reliable, data forward way while being on the poorer side of the economic spectrum. Given the severity of our needs in the modern time, and given how hard the crashes we experience are to deal with, LERA and the Free First Test is structured as a way to support those in need with real, actionable, simple, and straight-forward data about our needs and about currently available solution pathways. Our work is about breaking down barriers to access in the cutting edge of holistic potential; please support us in our efforts.

Seven years studying poverty in America

What began as a journey to study suffering in America now turns into the creation of this research project. 

Oftentimes, the expense of products and testing in the holistic world is overbearing for clients. They don’t know where to start, or who to start with. How much more is this a need when one cannot afford to pay rent, or they will have difficulty accessing products over $100, or even over $10. 

We cope with this in different ways. Some of us get into herbalism, which is more affordable than a lot of the work with supplements, even making our own to make sure we can have what we need. Others get into a style of manual therapy, like reiki, and tend to focus on that rather than seeing a range of practitioners who might help us ask different questions and seek different answers. Others, of course, succumb to the sin of self research–feeling that their duty is now to become a full time researcher on their own problem.  

The need for the FreeFirstTest.Com project

The realization of this need for testing was found time and time again on stories across the country. People had problems they did not know why they had them. Some were tauting great cures, others were confusedly trying to find one, as if haunted by the dilemma of what to do about their problem. 

FreeFirstTest is meant to be a free, comprehensive exposure test–it exposes you to different ideas that might work for you. Rather than sort through all of the possibilities based on intake and discernment, we simply test all of what is possible for each imbalanced area and see what yields the strongest response. For your overall biofield, the number one step might be a suggestion for walking, or it might pertain to metals and amalgam fillings, or an infection, or a cancer. We discuss the way your field is imbalanced, then see which testing areas resonate with the problems we find. 

This test is not meant for those who are not capable of making steps to support themselves at this time (those who are unable to make positive steps will need support to do so), nor is it for those who want to simply reinforce their own points of views (wherever you are in your journey, we will always find steps that lead to massive improvements–often from corners you didn’t quite expect).  So, the FFT is a service meant to support those who don’t know how to affordably access the right pathway in the holistic spectrum. We will help guide you through.  

On The Road In America 

The will to create a podcast, create a show about issues facing society, study problems as they naturally occur in people’s lives, and even study the underpinnings of life in homelessness, drug addiction, prison life, and what is traditionally considered more difficult quandaries, was born of love. The FreeFirstTest and the whole structure of the research program was born of love. 

Let’s give an example pertaining to EMF. When we teach classes based on cell phone sensitivities and the impact of EMF, we teach not only from a product based perspective, where we try to see when to apply different products. Instead, we tell the story from the annals of research in the outreach years: numerous case studies came up where people were living in homelessness because they could not tolerate EMF. One literally wearing a tinfoil hat, another (an older woman) virtually abandoned by her family and living in her car (she could not tolerate her apartment, nor did she have the resources to move her stuff out of it). By giving a heart-based perspective of real stories pertaining to the area of research, and by doing research in those difficult cases to see if solutions can be deciphered, we add a layer of legitimacy to our research. No, we are not starting with a solutions model and simply trying to validate it: we are starting with problems as they form in our lives. 

Another area of study that we are capable of researching would be issues pertaining to lifestyle. Specifically, what happens to your field when you are homeless? What happens in the process of getting closer and closer towards drug addiction? What would create the most positive changes possible for someone in prison? How could we restructure class life for high schoolers such that a higher percentage of students had extremely high positve responses (by and large, “being in school” tests negative, and clearly so)? When we look at the electricity and electromagnetic fields of a block in a city, how can we assess the impact of living there compared with other places (and are there tools that could inhibit damaging impact)? 

All of these questions lead more and more towards what we can research that needs to be researched. We don’t start with close ended questions to evaluate existing models of diagnosis, and we free ourselves from profit from sales of products in our model so we can be free to carry on unique research. 

The stories of suffering, be they camping with homeless veterans, studying drug life pertaining to methamphetamines, living homeless and interviewing countless people in different communities around the country, etc., are mirrored by stories of encounters with brilliant, blessed human beings carrying on great works (may they be blessed).  Basically, we don’t think the academic living a secure life is qualified to study problems in America: they haven’t seen them.  

The Birth Of A New You 

In our energy science based model, it is not our goal to sell you an approach. 

No, we don’t have a bias: your energetic response scores might show that toxins are good and apples are deadly (okay, that’s never happened–but we wouldn’t care). We are capable of overriding bias in our testing model, such that if a patient comes “knowing” what their issue is, that issue will simply be ranked with all the others. It might be that the issue they thought was primary ranked 12th, or indeed it could be first. But we override our biases, the biases of the human condition in the modern world, by giving a simple test that ranks which steps are the most positive (in other words, which issues can you address to get the most immediate improvement). 

We like to think of this as the birth of a new you effect. When you complete our test and are given our protocol, each protocol is geared not to “solve” something: it is simply oriented to enhance the light of your biofield. The way you feel when you follow such protocols tends to grant one access to different tidepools of wonder in their life. Often, results completely different than one was expecting arise: they simply feel better, in a way they hadn’t expected.  Conversely, if the results are exactly what you were hoping for, because we worked to addressed areas of imbalance by unlocking functionality of your biofield, you will doubtless experience other benefits. 

By completely removing the mind from our testing process (or at least, the assumptive mind), we are free to explore areas that might be surprising. Often our herbal protocols showcase new and different styles of use of different herbs that really align the way one feels. Our supplement protocols can be extremely narrow and focused, with a single recommendation (with precise timing and dosage) having massive, unexpected impact. 

It is all based on improving the function of your light–in other words, your enlightenment.  

About Samuel Fritzsche MS MA 

Samuel Fritzsche completed dual masters degrees concurrently–in teaching and nutrition–after a diagnosis with type one diabetes (also traditionally known as juvenile diabetes, as it is the kind you generally get when you are younger). In researching nutrition to treat himself (after a fifteen minute appointment with a doctor to explain his diagnosis while living in South Korea, he had no other support or care other than an outdated exchange diet pamphlet), he came to a stunning realization–chronic illness was increasing. 

Type one diabetes was increasing. Alzheimers was increasing. Autism, chronic fatigue, thyroid issues, ADHD, type two diabetes, brain fog and mental health issues–the list goes on and on. These illnesses are increasing, often (if not generally) exponentially. 

Sam wanted to research these difficult to treat areas, and wrote his nutrition masters thesis on the causes of rising autism rates, linking together all of the known studies on variables linked to higher rates of autism.  But that wasn’t enough. 

Early in his practice, he witnessed again and again the same story: someone had a chronic issue, noone could tell them what was going on, they were told it was in their head (or otherwise untreatable) by the allopathic side, and they were given varying miracle pathways that led to partial results on the holistic side. 

Noone had been easily able to say, this is an issue, this is not. We need to work on this type of protocol, not that one. And in his first year of testing patients, the most repeated feedback was to have someone say they were going to fire their doctor, or that they had learned more in the last hour than they had in years. Sam had a brilliant way of parsing information, selecting between ideas, not breaking the budget with protocols, and giving firm answers on intangible things. 

But as a nutritionist doing muscle testing, myriad doors open. He offered craniosacral therapy, finding that had a massive effect with some patients. He did laser-based homeopathy-infused acupointing, produced homeopathy by hand, made custom tinctures by percolation individually designed for clients, stocked a complete apothecary, took family constellation like sidebars with some clients, used tapping, did laser energetic detox, and, in general, was studying as many different techniques and protocols as he could. 

The future of this road, though, was dissatisfaction. He once tried to start a free clinic: it failed. He began to waft into the whims of spiritual duty, spending time on the street, as if guided by vision, helping and supporting those who needed it, not those who could afford it. These visions later took him across the country, in stories that will be told in books and in classes, to study suffering in America. 

The FreeFirstTest research program and eventual sponsored care approach of GSR allowing easy access to a diverse array of ideas was his project.  It is the test someone needs before (long before) they get pregnant, before they start to feel sick, before they get chronic fatigue in their thirties, before they spend all their money trying to find answers, before they go to guru after guru after guru to struggle to find what’s right for them, and before they know anything is wrong. It easily parses through all your options, in an accessible way.