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Services that create easy, long-term results

Our services aren’t a hook into an expensive program, nor are they a one-off with no guarantee

We ride the middle between what is accessible and what is affordable.

When creator Samuel Fritzsche looked back on his holistic health path and was deciding to order lab tests, it was around the $340 mark–what he was willing to pay for testing. This is where the price of the Comprehensive comes from.

Of course, for some this seems excessive. $150 is our standard rate. $90 is for people who want to take moderate steps but not get into too much, or test a specific issue (it allows you to send in photographs for testing). $30 is our baseline, meaning anyone can move forward and make progress right away.

The Basic Chart

Basic charts cost around $30.

A sample Basic might include three to seven details noted.

You will see two or three listings of the top problems impacting your overall wellness. You will see a description of what the impact looks like.

You will be given a top solution step, which is first described giving the reason why it was listed. And, you will be given a protocol with dosage and instructions.

It is common for a Basic to have two or three metals or toxicological issues paired with homeopathy, a detox supplement strategy, and an herbal protocol.

It is common for a Basic to suggest a specific type of exercise paired with a spiritual health practice centering around a certain issue.

It is common for a Basic to suggest a few nutrients combined with an energetic acu-pointing technique that you can do at home.

What is not common with Basic is to get a protocol that is expensive, or that you feel overwhelmed by. You also won’t get an exclusive protocol: after you order the Basic, you can always come back and order an additional Basic, or another test.

One can do Basic charts monthly, and get a new top step to take on. It is the thing that creates the most immediate results.

The TriField Chart

TriField charts include the results from your Basic, and then three additional sections.

The first looks at what is called “switchings” in muscle testing, with something of an expansive agenda to it. We look at all scars, structural issues, dental issues, tattoos, piercings, clothing, injury sites, skin issues, and anything that is physically present. You will send photographs in of any areas you think might be a problem, as well as photographs of different areas around the body (We require clothing for all photographs, but black and dark colors is prohibited. And, for testing photographs, multiple layers should be avoided where possible). These are basic “need to knows” from a testing standpoint before we go into deeper issues in testing.

The second section is the most interesting, and probably the most immediately useful section of any profile. It allows you to send in photographs of variables in your life for testing. As it pertains to OMESA, you will send in photographs of your environment. LERA, your supplements, foods you eat, and anything you consume that you want to see if it tests well. For DRI, a snapshot at your days with a 24 hour audio recording where we are able to test which aspects of your day tested well and which didn’t. For MLI, you will draw pictures or write about different issues, people, etc. in your life. These reflection assessments allow us to test which things in your life are connected to any imbalanced scores we find.

The third section is an acu-energetic body mapping. You will get a sense of where your twelve meridians are, with great descriptions describing what we found. And, you will get protocols that can be done at home using techniques like tapping, laser pointing, massage, moxa, etc. This, again, immediately leads to a protocol–something you can start doing that you should feel a shift from.

The TriField is the most efficient way to make rapid gains. The issues that come up here will be fundamental building block issues (if you are eating something extremely frequently that isn’t test well, that is a great thing to start working on).

Thus it is offered as its own service, as well as an introduction to both Advanced and Comprehensive profiles.

The Advanced Chart

The Advanced profile includes the TriBasic (no Basic), and then proceeds to test your top ten issues in order.

Your first issue might pertain to foods. Your second might pertain to metals. Your third might pertain to EMF. Your fourth might pertain to your relationship with your parents, or a loved one. Your fifth might pertain to a suggested style of exercise. Your sixth might pertain to mindfulness while at work or at school, with the suggestion of a practice to help you remain on an even keel even in stressful circumstances. Your seventh might pertain to a nutrition issue such as a nutrient deficiency or parasite. Your eighth might pertain to infections. Etc etc.

Regardless of which issues come up, they will be listed in order. If some issues seem more difficult to address (EMF sensitivity where your protocol includes a redesign of the way you use your computer to minimize exposure to WiFi), we might encourage you to post pone taking on the more difficult steps until you are ready.

If there is a cost issue with following a certain protocol, we can occasionally give an adjustment, which will give you an affordable alternative. For example, if tinctures are indicated, we might show you how to take an herb as tea, or to tincture it yourself.

The Advanced profiles are there for about expediency. They are the most efficient organizational construct to take on a number of significantly powerful protocols, without overwhelming you.

The Comprehensive Chart

The Comprehensive Chart is the beauty of a day dream: it allows you to see past the current confines of your way of thinking.

Instantly spiritual (or having something of a delightfully energetic effect), it explodes into an understanding of energetic testing metrics that is simply beyond what is out there today.

Each meridian’s biofield expression is analyzed across ten metrics (to see what aspects of biophoton activity are strong and week). The fact that the meridian fields are used seems to be a golden key, at least in our research, to covering a wide swath of areas with singular protocols.

You might have three protocols for the stomach. One pertaining to rest; one pertaining to absorption of nutrients; and one pertaining to an infection. You might have four pertaining to the heart; one pertaining to inflammation, one pertaining to an infection, one pertaining to biofilm or other forms of deposits, and one pertaining to a need for exercise.

Each of these indicated modules will not just solve a specific problem; they will empower the overall capacity to regulate a wide array of functions of the meridian. This means that it doesn’t just address what caused damage; it addresses the overall pattern that should have prevented damage or worsening in the first place.

For those for whom this sounds esoteric or lofty, we understand. Keep in mind that the Comprehensive is simply our fastest way to improve your energetic wellness. We test all the issues that are coming up and can reasonably fit within a concise protocol. Generally, Comprehensives will contain around 25 testing modules. And, protocols are combined to make them simple (for example, fifteen herbs might be combined into a single bottle).

We suggest the Comprehensive for everyone without cost barriers. It is simply more efficient to take drastic steps early on, and lighter steps in time.

Services Wrap-Up

Each profile can be ordered singularly, or taken on as a subscription. Subscriptions come with the benefit of giving you access to wholesale prices on all product purchases (an ordering fee may apply).

To get started, simply order a free first test. Then, order the profile you would like based on what you see in your free profile (usually an Advanced or Comprehensive, depending on how much you would like to take on). Then, you can start a subscription to ensure access to wholesale pricing, at which point testing with us will often simply pay for itself.

We offer phone consultations for a fee, and we have subscriptions for content like practitioner courses. Occasionally, we make products for customers by hand (i.e. herbal formulas).

Other than that, there are no hidden charges or upsells.