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The Way We Do Research Helps You

All people should have access to content from throughout the holistic world

There is a lot of unoriginal research presented again and again.

Every time we see Dr. Lee’s hormone work quoted by a new practitioner, or teachings about candida that were ripe in the eighties, we wonder if such teachings have gone stale.

Even with an old subject, it is extremely interesting to revisit it. To say, what percentage of people actually benefit from taking pregnenalone and other hormone products, and how many should address hormone issues in other ways? In a list of top causes of estrogen disorder, which could we most reliably find in patients? In patients with estrogen imbalances, what were the top solutions, in order?

We are heralding an age where not only we but all students who take our practitioner programs can do their own research articles.

We don’t need muscle testing students; we need geniuses to go create a new world–one for each patient.

Structure of the Research Program

The structure of each research program is the same and always will be the same.

There are six days of work (one week) that start with a basic introduction to the topic and end with a final conclusive analysis on the overall impact of applying the contents of the study.

The first day looks at a new topic and explains it in a new way. The second day looks at the lives of those impacted. The third day looks at the science behind the impact of problematic variables. The fourth day is a whole day to look at demographics, the study of who the issue applies to. The fifth day adds solutions. And, again, the sixth day asks, what was the impact of those solutions.

We can’t apply a solution without knowing what problem we are targeting, is one of the golden codes we follow. And, no problems go without being directly addressed. In other words, we won’t create a research studies with solutions that indirectly address an issue; if that was the case, we would scrap the study (if research doesn’t pan out, we scrap the studies). Finally, we try to focus on issues that impact everybody and solutions that are available to everybody, always contextualizing our work based on accessibility (in other words, we will make note if a solution that works well isn’t something suitable for most people).

Using the above model and rules, we are free to study the whole world.

Literally, Anything

In the future, our students will, no doubt, research some interesting things.

While we like to look at trendy and topical topics with a lot of public inertia behind us, it is important to note, for instance, that we could easily do research on a series of pharmaceutical drugs to see when they are good for our benefit. We could create an ironic study showing classes of toxins that are not harmful (for instance, with the purpose of noting that we are overly fearful of some toxins that aren’t that bad for us, and practically ignore some that are testing as huge problems).

Benefits of alcohol, coffee consumption, drug use, etc–nothing is off the table.

But, in general, we organize our work into four categories of research, which you can learn about elsewhere on our website.

We want to be able to compare the impact, for example, of cell phone sensitivity testing with nutrient regulation. We want to see if cell phones impact nutrient regulation (and how), and vice versa.

We want to examine the love of one’s father as that relates to our life. We want to see how our relationship with our father statistically correlates with other factors, perhaps in lifestyle: if we have a healthier relationship with our father, do we have a better relationship with our work life.

Finally, we want to explore the outrageous.

The Keys of Enoch says,

. . . the “Sons of Light” [in partnership with God] must imprint upon our spectrum new living energy codes which will raise the consciousness of our evolving specie so that we can be coded into their larger membrane. However, some of these energy codes are placed on our present electromagnetic spectrum so consciousness interaction can be stimulated.

We want to test such wild things, and know not only when to apply a scripture (what percentage of people would benefit from the application of the book of James 1:5), but also to be able to test such subtle teachings as this regarding the imprinting of energy codes into our consciousness field to raise us towards the next ordering of being.

When it comes to the holistic, this might mean deuterium depleted water, or the application of a Medical Medium dietary principle. It might mean testing the applicability of a Jack Kruse theory, or an ancient teaching preceding modern TCM by Jeffrey Yuen.

We don’t study these to assume they will work; instead we study them with a question of when they should be applied.

Even more practically, it could be considered outrageous, for some, to be concerned with a flame retardant in their mattress, or the glyphosate sprayed by a neighbor.

We test the untestable, and want to prove it to you, that by doing what is good for your light, you will experience some form of improvement to your life.

Contents of Research

To summarize, please note that you can sign up for an Outsiders course subscription or a practitioner level subscription, and have all parts of each program.

In general, we follow the same twelve part study sequence each year, studying the same types of themes annually but taking on different topics.

Some contents are public, others are behind a paywall.

They are as follows:

  • Weekly Overview Lecture
  • E-Books
  • Lectures
  • Research Notes
  • Testing Slides
  • Techniques
  • Learning Exercises with Basic Profiles
  • Learning Exercises with Advanced Profiles
  • Learning Exercises with Comprehensive Profiles
  • Solutions Slides
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