About: Muscle Testing At A Distance

PhotoEnergetic Testing is an exciting new way to create quantum entanglement such that we can connect to you at a distance and test you wherever you are in real time.

In early laser enhanced testing experiments, it was clear that a laser could be used to create a signal that would connect, at a distance, to a patient. At first, these experiments focused on saliva; when a testing vial was exposed to the saliva of a patient, we could measure that the patient would respond immediately as if the vial had been placed in their field locally.

Subsequent research unfolded such that we were able to create an initial test (found in the Basic BioChart) that measured the elasticity of the field and its ability to show up at a distance. Whereas some patients had some fields that showed up with an evenness and clarity that was astounding, others barely showed up at all.

This seems to be something of an indicator of our ability to pray, or reach to the higher heavens, just as much as it is of our overall energetic wellness.

We then learned that the twelve meridians, in the context of our style of testing, had a particularly useful framework of impact in overall bioenergetic regulation. Not only were the meridians important, it was clear that–in a distance context–they were the key regulators of everything going on in the field. Even texts like JJ Hurtak’s The Keys of Enoch speak to this.

Within this twelve meridian field framework, the most important aspect of our testing, there seemed to be between eight and fourteen primary styles of activity of biophoton. We divided these into ten layers. We test whether the light can do this, or do that, and gives scores on the effectiveness of its completion.

For example, in a muscle testing session (in person) when a practitioner tests the patients response by touching the skin, testing in energetic regulation terms shows that we are simply testing the body’s response to touch. The question, “can the body produce light to adequately respond to items placed in its immediate field,” seems to be more valid than, “is there pathology in this area.” Different hand motions can be used for in person BioEnergetic Muscle Testing to ask questions like, “can the body produce light to adequately support high levels of physical activity,” or, “can the body produce the type of light that is supportive of original thinking.” There are thoughts, modes of actions and behavior, etc. that are innervated by different types of biophoton activity and expression. And, when we test for bioenergetic field imbalances to assess these, we tend to find more reasonable action pathways (to make suggestions on what the patient should do) than if we assumed that these bioenergetic field layers were absent and we were testing pure physical pathology.

In the awareness in the future of this field, it could be seen that a simple technology could be developed to understand biophoton activity and expression on all of these layers, as well as to test in real time to find blockages to meridian field activity as they occur.

Our screening style is as close as possible to the cutting edge of the study of what biophotons do, what they are inhibited by, and what helps support adequate biophoton field patterning.

It is a test that can be instantly applied (with no need to wait weeks for test results), and can give an instant mapping of what the top issues are for each layer, or for each meridian field. It can test your response to variables (such as foods, herbs, etc.), and it can be used to just to see what your patterning looks like (such as is found in the third part of the TriField exam).

We think this is an exciting way to move forward from a more physical muscle testing field (orienting itself towards interpreting weak arms as signs of physical pathology) into more of a spiritual-science oriented testing system (where we test the completeness of man in energetic terms).

We organize the four programs to see where we can increase biophoton field activity, cohesion, strength, and velocity, showing patients when foods are causing imbalance or could cause strength, when lifestyle is the primary thing to work on, when the environment is strongly inhibiting different aspects of our expression, etc.

We think you will find this an extraordinary mechanism of testing.

Welcome, to the BioEnergetic Muscle Testing system, now offered online through photograph.