About: Laser Enhancements For PhotoEnergetic Testing Constructs

Lasers are an exciting part of the modern world’s research on the human biophotons.

Starting with homeopathy experiments (yes, let’s go there!), we can see that a laser’s stream of photons can be impregnated with frequency fields such that they are carrying information, much like water is with homeopathy (though we think of homeopathy as a matter of white pellets in a blue boiron bottle, homeopathy is traditionally made as a liquid, which is then poured over the white sugar pellets).

Water, indeed, can contain the frequency fields of other things, and its structure changes as a result of this. Water, a theoretical physicist patient explained to me, can contain not only its own frequency field, but that of another thing. This was found in the work of Masumaro Emoto, who froze water molecules to show the crystallized forms resulting from energetic fields that surrounded them.

Of course, scientists often failed to replicate his work; in order to install a frequency in water, as in the case of Emoto’s water bottle experiments, it was not enough to write “love” on the bottle. The writer would have to carry the feeling of love in their field, which would then be found in the water. Scientists therefore often failed to reproduce his results. But the photographs remain a clear proof of homeopathy, even if we have misunderstandings pertaining to the meaning. In one view, the body responds as a result of thinking it has imbibed a substance; if I give you homeopathic mercury, the body will think it has been poisoned with enough mercury to kill it, and responds accordingly (such homeopathics are used for purposes of detoxification).

But what is interesting, is just like the “detoxosodes” of homeopathy, we have laser based energetic exposure of toxins in Lee Cowden’s laser energetic detox. If the frequency of mercury is placed on a laser beam that is shined on the patient, the body will believe it has jumped into a pool of mercury. Their next day’s urine will contain quite a bit of the stuff, as the body prepared a detoxification response for a substance that would never come.

Lasers can be used to copy homeopathics. Once water is carrying the frequency of an item (and is a homeopathic of that item), if one shines a laser beam through that water, into a “blank” vial with water carrying no particular frequency, the second vial will gradually pick up the frequency of the first vial (similarly, in homeopathy, simply succussing or shaking a homeopathic next to a blank will impregnate the blank with the frequency field of the remedy).

Lasers are often used to “give” remedies to a patient at the end of a session. This will give the body the impression that the remedy is around, and it will start to reregulate based on its presence, or even shuffle things to go “look” for it. In the case of a hormone, this can lead to a dramatic re-regulation that sometimes is sufficient as a treatment, and the patient will not have to actually take the remedy. In other cases, it leads to improvement later on with absorption and use of a medication (sometimes medications don’t go where they are supposed to! Lasering before taking can help the body prepare for taking it).

In the case where lasering remedies into the patient’s field is considered a treatment, it is also noted that it is a treatment that can be utilized on a regular basis. This is fundamentally similar to the world of Rife machines, PEMF, and other healing and light-based technological therapies. Indeed, some of the medically approved healing lasers come with a variety of frequencies that can be used on different areas, be they acupuncture points, areas of structural damage, or other points (and these can be quite expensive). But what is neat about the lasers is that it seems our bodies can read the “information” on lasers extremely well, even better than on the water.

If our body can pick up the information from a laser, it makes us wonder what else the body can “pick up” using the embedded technology that is the biophoton field, which is just as much a part of us as atoms, cells, and organs. No human being can live without this structure, which is fundamentally akin to what dolphins and sharks have in their sensory capacity organs.

Our light can pick up a variety of information. When a mercury vial is placed behind a patient, even if they do not know it is there we can test that they have already gone into a stress state (some will be able to pick up that is there in a more subtle way and from a further distance, while others require its placement near to the skin–a sign of the quality of bioenergetic regulation). A demonstration of this was how I used to begin muscle testing classes.

The fascinating thing about this is that those who have energy healing experiences, spiritual experiences, are religious, etc. often are not the ones with the healthiest energetic regulation. Healthy energetic regulation can come from nutrition and environment as much as it can come from your intention and prayer (our testing starts by differentiating where your highest needs are, in a basic way, in this regard).

It is not important, to be a meditator here; all people fundamentally are enlightened, whether you realize it or not

One of the tests we use in our initial mapping structure is the Basic chart, which fundamentally studies whether or not your biofield can appear at a distance.

We are all constantly aware of energetic and spiritual phenomena. If a mercury vial is placed near you and can find a stress response, sure. But what is unseen is just how much our light is aware of at all times.

For some people’s fields, they are strongly impacted by people they have or have had relationships with (good ones and bad ones). For others, computers are impacting their bioenergetic regulation, or foods. Lack of exercise, whether we had an acupuncture session that day, etc. all strongly impact us.

Only sometimes we are aware of it. In this regard, the biofield is like a calculator under the governance of the mind (or, we could say, God). The biofield is weighing, if this variable (a parasite) is in me, how do I need to change my expression for the day. If I eat this food, what cells need to be activated to do what activities. If I have this structural injury, how do I need to change my energetic expression for the day.

The laser exposure works by placing an object in the patient’s field so strongly they can’t help but acknowledging it. The strongest of our biophoton emissions do not rival those of a simple laser.

By burning the item into the patient’s field (an etching that does not last a moment, nor cause any stress after its exposure, in the system we use) just for a moment, the body’s normal regulation pattern stops, and we see: how does the patient respond in regard to this?

Rather than placing the item in the patient’s mouth (as iwth traditional applied kinesiology’s original practices), we get a response that is light and subtle (in other words, happens very quickly then resets back to normal). And, opposed to the use of signal enhancers (as in Autonomic Response Testing), we get responses that transcends the mind utterly and entirely, which limits the effect of switching on getting adequate test responses. Moreover, the laser penetratingly exposes the patient in all lasers of bioenergetic expression, whereas the signal enhancers (which work) expose to light based reception that has more functional relevance to, in our testing, the third layer, the second layer, and the sixth layer (in order) of bioenergetic activity. In other words, it doesn’t expose variables to all layers of the biofield equally.

Other kinesiology uses exposure through the hand, which is good, but not enhanced. Some patients will not be able to pick up information sufficiently. ANd, this poses the problem that numerous vials can’t be placed, only a few can. And finally, practitioners using placement on the body highly imbalance the data of their findings. A variable placed on the belly is registerd by the belly, not by what we could call the whole central presence of the person’s being.

While all of the above exposure methods listed are good, what we find is that with laser enhanced signal exposure, we get a more even representation of the field of the item we want to expose the patient to to the patient. And, this can be combined with the use of signal enhancers. But more about this comes in our courses.

The final aspect to discuss is the matter of utilizing lasers to test things at a distance.

If we send a signal out to you, using prayer alone, your body will be well aware of this. Even, to some degree, we could place the intention of both thinking of you, and asking your field whether it would prefer this variable or that one, and whether it is inhibited by this one or that one. Intuitives are well capable of doing this.

But what is so nice about the laser is that it so clinically replaces such intuitive capabilities, and does so in a highly replicabtable way.

Rather than having one (or even a dozen) people praying for you, such that your field would emerge from afar, oro perhaps be impacted by GOd (which would transcend our system, which is based on testing not healing), the laser cuts through with such a power that it would be as if dozens of people at once were shouting your anme.

The light based exposure is so strong that even if the practitioner is clueless as to such intuitive phenmomenon as holding intentions for someone who is far away, they cut through as if they were the master.

The laser based distance exposure process, simply, cuts through a lot of barriers to creating quantum entanglement. Whatever is exposed to the patient deeply and clearly registers, without leaving lasting impact either on the patient or on the testing room. The exposures and responses are instantaneous, but last only around eight seconds, peaking around five–perfect for muscle testing. In our office, the exposures happen rapidly and mechanically, requiring only around one second to apply variables with the laser set up. For those who are curious about the technicals, we do not suggest experimenting with this work; in our testing set up all steps are taken to reduce exposure to the patient of ourselves (people in the office), variables outside of what we test (even residues on the hand can register), etc. Our office is virtually a faraday cage, and then the container where the testing takes place is a faraday cage within a faraday cage. Multiple lasers are used and there is a firm procedure to “set up” the session (ensure quantum entanglement) and expose each variable. We don’t suggest it for those who haven’t taken our course on the matter who can learn safety both for themselves and for patients as it pertains to testing.