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You are beautiful. By seeing you based on your inherent light rather than physical or medical values–how can it be seen any other way? Our work tries to help the you that’s in there, rather than the you as it may see by outside appearances.

And we are all about love of the people of God, no matter their circumstances. Our work will help you, in a loving, open, and flexible way, get a list of the top issues to work on that will improve your bioenergetic wellness.

Welcome to the Free First Test, from GSR.

Often We Have Needs That Are Difficult To Navigate

Holistic health is complicated. There are hundreds of non-scientific answers for any reasonable question, and many good pathways out there for our issues that are difficult to differentiate between.

We take a cue from Dietrich Klinghardt, who created the energetic-enhanced Autonomic Response Testing to navigate options and create original results that speak to a patient’s needs (rather than our assumptions about them).

A New Form Of Science

Using lasers to send signals to patients from afar, our distance testing strategy is unique. We have thousands of test kits, and we start by simply differentiating which modules resonate as important for you. We do not profit off of product sales and we have few upsells (mainly, after your free test you can choose to order all of the results to the indicated modules). But these start at only $30, with a maximum cost of around $300, and a standard full session price of $150 (currently discounted to $100). Or, you can get a free test and use the information on your own.

Some Of The Tests We Offer

Your top issue might pertain to nutrition. We offer tests about food selections, supplement pathways, diet regulation strategies, and more. But they also might come from the environment. We offer toxicology assays, environmental sensitivities tests, and EMF sensitivities tests.

When your results come, all information will be organized. You will see your top testing module (maybe a lifestyle testing pathway that pertains to exercise). You will see your next three issues (potentially pertaining to EMF sensitivity, chemical sensitivity, and diet selection). You will see your next ten top modules, creating an even more expansive array of things to work on. Finally, you will get scores and suggestions for each meridian

It’s All Up To You

Whether you choose to order a complete Comprehensive Profile with all of the results indicated, or an Advanced Profile with your top ten steps, it’s all up to you. When you fill out your intake for paid testing, you get to decide what types of tests are included or excluded–and what type of protocols we offer.

We do not profit from supplement sales (we get subscribing customers their supplements at wholesale cost, minus a small ordering fee). We let you choose whether you want to work with herbs, bulk supplements, cheap supplements, expensive supplements, etc. You can also set price targets so your protocol maximizes the effect of your dollar.

Let’s Get You Signed Up

You will upload a photograph, fill out a couple details, and agree to the disclaimer. Your report will come in 2-4 days. Plan on this taking about ten minutes.