The Future Of Testing Human Need

Offering an up front list of your top issues coming in the format of a Free First Test that you can order from home (just send a photograph), Global System Response is a testing service that brings the broadness of muscle testing’s scope, and the wild oddity of its methods, to a scientific context.

Focusing on blind testing on unique variables to compare which system of thought is having the most impact, we create our own testing slides–and do so on hundreds of subjects that have formerly been untested. Practitioners can take our courses, new students learn muscle testing for the first time, and all students print out testing slides for use with our laser enhanced light exposure system in muscle testing–free of charge.

We are revolutionizing access to research. GSR’s name is based on taking a truly global view on all of the different systems of thought out there. We like to be able to test and compare new ideas, and release the results of our research as often as possible. More importantly, we teach students how to do their own research studies right from home on issues important to them.

It’s a new type of service–a research-oriented muscle testing outfit, focused on blind testing, with a strong distance method to test people at a distance.

Welcome, to GSR.
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Samuel Fritzsche MS MA

Founder, GSR

Our Four Research Programs:

About The Ethics Of Our Program

We live by three unique rules:

  • We sell supplements at wholesale costs and otherwise maintain no bias due to benefitting off of our suggestions (such as with affiliate links)
  • You can get 30 tests, or 3 tests–that’s up to you. Our testing system is meant to be financially approachable. We start with a free first test, which lists which issues come up for you, and then offer testing starting at $30.
  • We don’t care what pathways you like or choose. We abide by the selection parameters of your intake. You can select to only focus on nutritional issues, or only lifestyle issues. And, you can select what types of protocols we select from.

Why We Do This: Waking Up Into A Higher time

We are in an age of the deadening of the soul. There are some of us living as if Joel’s predictions of the end times where the Holy Spirit is poured out upon us such that they have sacred gifts of visions, dreams, prophecy, etc., and achieve ecstatic states of connection with the Lord.

There are others who feel so disconnected that life becomes impossible. Whether we look at the harm caused by toxicological influences, the rise of depression and suicidality, and other types of health issues that make us feel like we’re not particularly vibrant, there is great cause for concern–given that most changes we experience will be filtered through us and land in our children (i.e. due to epigenetic changes yielding multigenerational decline, which we see in common research like that of Weston A Price).

Our goal is to make you a more vibrant you. We want you to enjoy the birds singing, your life with the Lord, the days as you spend them, the work that you do.

We test everything on a spiritual health parameter: we are seeing which foods open up your light, which toxins and infections inhibit your light, and so on, gradually working to make you more complete.

Mission Statement

As you might have guessed, this is a Christian charity mission as much as it is a profitable one. God guided creator Samuel Fritzsche to live for seven years with a goal of studying suffering in America, after earning his two masters degrees and running a private practice.

This “Ph.D. level” teaching on human need changed his worldview from a supplement based one to God-based one.

Often what God wants to give us, and this is revealed our testing through testing (literally, the testing is a measurement of what opens up the biofield such that God’s light can shine through), is simple: go for walks. Do a certain type of exercise. Buy a supplement in bulk (affordably). Buy foods in a way that you can afford to feed others in a great way, as well as yourself. Avoid trends. Avoid staples that don’t work for you. Resolve a relationship. Change your work. Get off the computer, stop researching, and get a list of what is actually going to work for your case.

The steps become simple and methodical suggestions forming a practical and loving list that fits within your worldview and needs (we won’t suggest an $8,000 protocol to someone who can’t afford rent, or herbs to someone who requested no herbal suggestions). We help navigate difficult waters (things like parasites, retroviruses, and chronic Lyme come to mind–but really, we cover everything in the holistic world), and make the difficult traverses seem simple.

Thus the goal is: instead of the average person having to spend years researching and experimenting with which options in the holistic health canon of ideas might be useful, we’d like to give them a list up front so they have on their radar the top things to work on.

This is needed, given that most people interested in holistic medicine are either quite privileged (no wonder practitioners can profit 50% on the purchases of people who are sick, dying, and suffering, and call it a good), or stuck using what they can afford rather than what we need.

A lot of this work is based on Dietrich Klinghardt’s teachings, which you can read more about on our About Page. We, obviously, wanted to make a more affordable and accessible model than what is commonly offered with ART, we wanted to transcend having fixed product catalogs and ideological constructs (freeing ourselves, for instance, from the use of wildly expensive BioPure products, and from seeing every patient in a similar way), and we wanted to be more flexible in opening up our ability to test new things, leading us to creating original test kits which are available, for free, for practitioners studying in our program (and anyone can learn muscle testing with our online courses).

Whatever your ideas are, whatever your options, etc., we will make use of them. We don’t challenge the vegan, or the person with ardent views.

We simply want to present to you a wake up call in the form of a list of the top issues occluding your light’s full pattern.

Most of us, and our children, have more issues than we understand.

Welcome to this service.