The Future Of Energetic Wellness

LERA’s goal is to test, affordably, all of the ideas that are out there and whether they apply to you.

What should you have access to testing on? What protocols should be assessed for viability with your case?

Klinghardt’s aluminum / glyphosate protocols? Andrew Huberman’s takes on chronic fatigue? Yoshiaki Omura’s diet constructs and supplement programs? Jack Kruse’s cold thermogenesis, or “epi-paleo” diet, protocols? Annie Hopper’s DNRS? Gabriel Cousens’ raw food diet constructs? Medical Medium protocols pertaining to Epstein Barr? Building Biology style EMF exposure mitigation?

Our goal is to take cutting edge constructs and test when they apply (doing studies on each one of them in the process), integrate new ideas at the speed of information (we are constantly creating test variables on new protocols), and simplify opportunities for improvement into straight forward profiles that are data-forward, affordability-focused, and oriented to make the complex palatable.

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