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Coming out of the Klinghardtian world of Autonomic Response Testing, a muscle testing system focused on advanced and instantaneous assessment of real world health challenges using a light based assessment mechanism, LERA looks to expands what we are capable of in the holistic muscle testing world in three directions.

1. Assessing biophotons in an expanded way

Like ART, LERA assesses what our biophotons are up to. But whereas Klinghardt’s assessment looks at biophoton coherence in a somewhat binary way (which is extremely functional, and the discovery of this supposedly brought Fritz Popp to tears of joy at a conference in the 1980s–no small feat), LERA’s work is in the assessment of what biophotons do. We look at activity states, and run ten separate assessments on the biofield. We want to know if your biofield is blocked when you are thinking, when you are sensing, when you are reaching towards God, etc. We also look at the meridian fields, and find them highly relevant in governing the energetics of the whole body.

Our work, functionally, is thus in expanding knowledge about the active working dynamics of our energetic life. We want to see whether cell phones inhibit biophoton functionality–and how. We hear about anecdotal claims that using a cell phone can impact the brain rhythm for hours. Our work will allow us to test this, see if it applies to all people universally or just some, and see exactly what is meant by such an idea.

It is the heyday for the biophoton scientist. Whereas some in the field are spending the time developing new orchestrating patterns of wave amplification for the purpose of blessing water and other things, others aren’t interested in catering to every esoteric whim. Rather, we are interested in utilizing understandings of biophoton emissions of humankind as a key indicator of wellness that can be used to instantaneously assess what causes positive responses and negative responses.

We will develop a code, some would think, that would allow us to put blessed frequencies into the world. But humans are far better resonators for such imaginative visions.

Rather, our work is in restoring mankind to his natural state. We can show what is “lit up” and what is inhibited by a four hour session watching television, or a two hour session walking. We can assess your lowest and highest scores during the day, and what supplements create the most menial or powerful responses (note: we sell all products, where possible, at wholesale prices, and do not offer any affiliate links to any outside services).

We want to know what is best for your enlightenment.

2. Holistic Testing Techniques

Most of our distance tests are conducted blind. Like the story of creator Samuel Fritzsche dosing his insulin based LERA and ART testing results (and low corrections) as a type one diabetic, allowing him to live without a glucometer for years, you will find compelling tales of accuracy here.

However, the exploration of what a practitioner is finding, and why some practitioners get wrong results, is extremely important if we are going to base decisionmaking on any analog (non-technological) results.

Our testing techniques will enhance the scientific understanding of the biofield, allow practitioners to use affordable and printable test slides (your entire test kit will be free, and you will be able to add to the library of slides), and bring most practitioners to a higher point of understanding with their additional muscle testing knowledge.

Our testing courses will be cheap, accessible, and methodical. Sam Fritzsche has two degrees–one is in teaching, and the other in nutrition. Here, the former has a chance to shine. There are four levels of practitioner techniques courses, each taking about six to eight weeks to get down correctly. But as an adjunct to the techniques courses, rather than a facet of them, we will have content courses available allowing you to look into subjects you are interested.

Want to take on deuterium? Print the slides, read some articles, check some references. Want to look at the latest mold protocols? Print some slides, see who’s protocols are often testing well, do some learning exercises.

Our courses will allow you to learn content in context.

3 Making Klinghardt Affordable

We don’t do Klinghardt-specific protocols. Klinghardt’s protocols are simply part of our library, and we offer them when they test well and fit within the patient’s selection parameters (i.e., if a patient sets a $400 budget for a 3 month time period, they won’t be able to afford much from BioPure and Ki Science, and will probably need to make their own herb formulas, get supplements in bulk where possible, etc. Klinghardt’s protocols will simply be drastically more expensive).

Similarly, Chris Shade’s protocols are part of our library. If they test well for someone, we will list them. We don’t believe that one diet is universally applicable. We have many diets, and our testing slides allow us to get into an abundance of nuanced dietary issues.

Rather than come at patients with a “stock” model (if mold shows up, use one of these three supplements; if Lyme shows up, use one of those four supplements), we have a wide array of test kits, and test which of them show up.

Your free first test will list which kits showed up for you. It will list, in order, the types of solutions that tested well for you to work on right now.

If you order paid testing, you will then get results. Often, in someone’s first session, they will have a couple of imbalance associated with toxicological concerns. This would mean that aspects of their biofield are not functioning well, and the test kit that offers the most direct route to improvement pertained to detoxification. They might end up with solutions for supporting liver detoxification pathways, the kidney, removal of wastes through the gut, etc. They might even get desensitization remedies to some of the most problematic toxins, or energetic therapies that test as being relevant.

What is nice about this is that we test all of the ideas out htere, and give you a simple stack of “to do” items. The free test (listing which issues came out) costs you nothing and takes just a few minutes to sign up for. The paid testing costs just $30, $80, $150, or $339 (most choose the $150 option, our standard service). There are no other upsells, and no affiliate links. If we suggest supplements for you, we will tell you where to get them the cheapest. We will order for them for you at wholesale prices (plus a small order fee to cover our time), meaning that our testing might pay for itself.

Your heavy metals protocol might have a few suggestions in it. They will be based on your selection parameters: you can include or exclude different categories of protocols, or protocols above a certain cost. You will similarly get protocols for every issue. Heavy metals, mental acuity support, CFS protocols, hormone dysregulation, food lists, etc.–all issues will appear in the same profile, each with the same format, each appearing at no extra cost.

Welcome, to affordable testing online.